You can apply to Xamk from another higher education institution in Finland through the transfer application.

You can apply to Xamk through transfer application if

  • you want to transfer to Xamk from another higher education institution in Finland
  • the completed studies are suitable for the new degree (On you can find information about the admission criteria: in which degree programme you must currently be studying in to qualify for transfer and on what grounds the transfer students are selected)
  • you have been registered as an attending student for at least one semester
  • there are at least 25 (or 15 when applying to the field of culture) completed credits on your study record (only credits completed by the end of the application period are considered)
  • you have succeeded in your previous studies target-orientedly and have enough study time left for completing the new degree
  • the programme you apply to has enough study places and other resources for admitting a transfer student.

The recommended time for the transfer application is the end of the first study year, you can begin the new studies from the beginning of the next academic semester (spring/autumn) at the earliest (not during the semester).

After the transfer application

If you are admitted as a transfer student and you accept the study place at Xamk, you give up automatically your earlier study place. You must enrol as an attending student to Xamk for the year/semester following the transfer.

The study right has begun on the day you have accepted the study place at the previous programme. The study time used previously is deducted from the time for the new degree.

The regular appeal procedure applies to transfer student selection.


Transfer application is open twice a year:

  • 1.-15.5. (studies beginning in autumn semester)
  • 1.-15.11. (studies beginning in spring semester)

Transfer application, Autumn 2020 at Xamk

Online application form is open: 1.11.2020 8 am – 15.11.2020 3 pm (Finnish times).

The application form is submitted through service. You can find Xamk degree programmes in English on

Enclosures to application

  • an up-to-date transcript of records
  • a certificate of study that confirms the semesters used for attendance and non-attendance
  • a portfolio when applying to degree programs of the field of culture

The certificates must be official, confirmed by the current higher education institution. Attach the enclosures by 15 November 2020 3 PM (Finnish time) to your application form on

Admission results

The admission results in transfer application are sent out to all applicants by 11.12.2020 and the deadline for accepting the study place is 31.12.2020 3 pm (Finnish time).

The study place offered through transfer application can be accepted through My service.

If you are selected as a transfer student, you must make sure all grades and credits you have completed are recorded in your previous higher education institution prior to your resignation.

You do not need to submit a notice of resignation to your previous higher education institution, because the higher education institutions exchange information on transferring students and your study right in the previous degree programme will therefore end by the end of the semester (31.12.2020). The study right at Xamk will begin on 1.1.2021.

Tuition fees for transfer students

The Finnish higher education institutions have introduced tuition fees for students outside of the EU/EEA area starting their studies in autumn 2017 or later. Some institutions have introduced the tuition fees from the beginning of the year 2017 already.

If you are liable to pay tuition fee in your current study place, you are also required to pay the tuition fee at Xamk. Again, if the tuition fees do not concern your current study place, you will not be charged for the studies at Xamk either. Your liability to pay the tuition fee will be checked in the transfer application process.

Information about the tuition fee policy at Xamk is available on our website at

Change of degree programme or campus within Xamk

If you want to transfer to another degree programme or campus at Xamk, please see the instructions and application form at the Student intranet.

Request for adjustment

According to the legislation in Finland, an applicant has a right to request for adjustment to the decision concerning student selection within 14 days of publishing the results of student admission.

If you believe that there has been a mistake in the student selection and the admission criteria have not been applied correctly, you must first contact admission services at the university of applied sciences where the student admission decision has been made. If the decision was made at Xamk, contact:

If this does not clarify the matter, you can make a written request for adjustment to the decision regarding student admission.

A request for adjustment must specify the name and contact information of the person making the request, the decision that the request for adjustment concerns, the points of the decision that adjustment is sought for and  the grounds for the request for adjustment. If necessary, supporting documents can be attached to the request.

The request for adjustment concerning student selection at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is addressed to the Examination committee and delivered to:

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Examination committee
Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola


by email to, topic of the message stating “Request for rectification for the Examination committee”.

Admission Services

Contact information

Tel. +358 44 702 8752 (Kouvola) or
+358 50 312 5031 (Mikkeli)



Postal and visiting addresses

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences / Admission Services

Paraatikenttä 7, 45100 Kouvola, Finland or
Patteristonkatu 3X, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland

Office hours: Mon-Fri 9 am – 3 pm.

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