The Finnish higher education is free for EU/EEA citizens and for those permanently residing in Finland.

Tuition fees at Xamk

The Finnish higher education institutions charge tuition fees for students outside the EU/EEA area.

The fees set for Xamk degree programmes are:

  • Bachelor’s degrees 6000 euros / academic year
  • Master’s degrees 7000 euros / academic year
  • Double degrees 1500 euros / double degree programme

Instructions for paying the tuition fee are given to the admitted student in the notification of admission. The fee can be paid either electronically (online payment from a Finnish bank account or payment by credit cards: VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or by invoice. The due date for the fee is the same than the deadline to accept the study place.

The tuition fee for one academic year is paid in one instalment, it is not possible to pay the fee in parts.

For the Bachelor’s degree programmes beginning in January, the fee is paid for the first semester (3000 euros) separately, after which the academic year timeline (6000 euros / academic year) is followed.


Exemption from the tuition fee

You don’t have to pay the tuition fee if you have one of these documents:

  • Passport or identity card to indicate the citizenship of EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • EU Blue Card in Finland
  • Continuous residence permit card in Finland, Type A permit
  • EU Family Member’s Residence Card in Finland
  • Permanent residence permit card in Finland, Type P permit
  • EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence permit card in Finland (Type P-EU)

Note that the residence permit in another EU/EEA country is not sufficient grounds for exemption, only residence permits in Finland can be considered. Further information on who is required to pay the tuition fees can be found on the service.

Tuition fee and residence permit

The tuition fee is charged by the higher education institution and Xamk notifies the Finnish Immigration Service of the paid tuition fees. However, if you need a residence permit for the studies in Finland, you are required to have sufficient means and funds (6720 euros for one study year) to support yourself during the studies in addition to paying the tuition fee.

For more information, see the Finnish Immigration Service website:

Refund of the paid tuition fee

The paid tuition fee can only be refunded in the following cases:

  • a residence permit for the studies is not granted
  • student’s enrolment status is changed to non-attendant after paying the fee but before enrolment deadline
  • student graduates during the first semester of the last study year after paying the fee for the whole year, in this case the fee paid for the second semester is refunded.

Scholarship scheme

The scholarship scheme at Xamk rewards you for good progress in studies. You can get 50% of the paid tuition fee back by progressing in the studies well.


Sufficient progress means completing 55 ECTS credits during the academic year (1 August – 31July), except for the degree programmes beginning in January where the student needs 27 ECTS credits from the first semester to qualify for the scholarship. The refund is paid yearly on the basis of the studies (credits) completed during the previous academic year.

The scholarship cannot be granted to a student who has been guilty of deception or otherwise breached the order of the UAS, and has been given a warning by the president as provided in the UAS Act (932/2014).

The student is generally required to have his/her own IBAN bank account located in an EU country, Norway or Switzerland, and a Finnish personal ID code when applying for the scholarship.

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