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Xamk is a higher education institution offering studies in English in many different study fields. We have campuses in the towns of Kotka, Kouvola,
Mikkeli and Savonlinna, located in the beautiful region of South-Eastern Finland.

Students from partner institutions of Xamk are welcome to apply for the following studies.

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Ulf Jensen-Munk, ulf.jensen-munk(at)xamk.fi

Game Programming

Studying Game Programming gives you a good starting point to design, test and develop game products. International events and networking play a key role in game industry culture. During your studies you can participate in several game industry events and form professional networks. Collaboration with game and software industry professionals gives students the possibility to work in various companies and publish commercial products already during their studies.

The studies are implemented as daily contact learning with plenty of programming project work as well as online self-studies. Game programming and programming can be learned only by doing, so problem solving, and independent study is a key to master this profession. During your studies you will achieve comprehensive game industry skills, which can also be used in software development in general.

Our degree program is actively involved in research and development projects that give you a chance to participate in different types of R&D tasks during your studies. Typical projects include developing an application or a game for a real-world client as a testbed for new business or research purposes. We are also involved with several startup-related RDI activities that include students and motivate them to participate in entrepreneurial projects and start new ventures.

Modes of mobility

This programme is available in the mode of exchange studies (autumn semester or whole academic year long mobility; not leading to a degree) or double degree studies (two-semester long mobility; leading to a degree).

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Two application periods: 1.4.-15.5.2021 and 15.9.-1.11.2021.

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