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Xamk is a higher education institution offering studies in English in many different study fields. We have campuses in the towns of Kotka, Kouvola,
Mikkeli and Savonlinna, located in the beautiful region of South-Eastern Finland.

Students from partner institutions of Xamk are welcome to apply for the internship in Nursing.

If you wish to have more information about the application process, please contact Sari Pieviläinen, sari.pievilainen@xamk.fi

Training in Finland

The competence goals of the public health nurse degree arise from the population’s health needs and the professional qualifications required and the scientific knowledge of the public health field.

The national nurse and the public health nurse degree qualifications are included in the goal setting. The chief learning officer, the teaching staff, the representatives of the working life and the students participate in the curriculum planning. Also the teaching staff is involved in the national curriculum work and see that the curriculum of the school obeys the national alignments and EU-directives.

Practical training possibilities


Educational Nursing Manager (International faculty coordinator) Anna-Maija Uusoksa can arrange placements for exchange students from various different wards in community nursing, surgical and medical nursing, mental health care and so on.

Please state out the areas of your interests as well as duration (dates) of your exchange in your application in SoleMOVE system and we’ll do our best to find suitable wards for you. Learning Agreement for Training (LAT) is not needed until you have received more information by e-mail from Anna-Maija Uusoksa. 

During the academic year we can offer placements in

Acute care
Child care
Home nursing
Community nursing
Gerontological nursing, elderly care homes
Psychiatric nursing
Mental Health Care nursing
Alcohol and drug abuse clinic

at the following wards at Kymenlaakso Central Hospital and community of Kotka or Hamina:

  • ICU
  • CCU
  • Emergency department
  • Operating theaters
  • Medical nursing ward
  • Surgical nursing ward
  • Gynecological – Surgical nursing
  • Surgical care in various units
  • Medical care in various units
  • Neurological nursing ward, ward for rehabilitation patients
  • Acute Neurological nursing Ward
  • Oncology and Treatment Center
  • Dialysis
  • Children unit
  • Eye surgical unit
  • Acute Ward in health care center
  • Ambulance
  • Home Nursing and home hospital
  • Psychiatric care (Alcohol and drug abuse clinics)

Please note that all placements/wards are not in the center of Kotka. Travelling costs are at student’s expense.

Learning Agreement for Training

When you have received more detailed information by e-mail, save document to your own device before filling (edit pdf)

LAT Health Kotka template

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Two application periods: 1.4.-15.5. and 15.9.-1.11.

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