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Xamk is a higher education institution offering studies in English in many different study fields. We have campuses in the towns of Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna, all of which are located in the beautiful region of South-Eastern Finland. The Department of Sports and Rehabilitation in Savonlinna offers education in physiotherapy, podiatry and physical education.

Physiotherapy and podiatry students from Xamk’s partner institutions are welcome to apply mainly for practical training in Savonlinna.


If you wish to have more information about the possibilities for practical training, please, contact Lea Reponen, lea.reponen(at)xamk.fi

Practical training and exchange studies

In Savonlinna, physiotherapy and podiatry students from Xamk’s partner institutions can mainly do practical training. The placements available vary during the year but in physiotherapy they include, for instance, placements in a health centre, rehabilitation centre, hospital, private company and an old people’s house. Podiatry trainees can have placements, for instance, in private companies and in the podiatry clinic of the Savonlinna campus.

Usually, there are a couple of theoretical courses in English available to exchange students and trainees (please, note that the list is subject to changes).
These are:
– AV00EG55-3003 Nutrition for sports and physical activity, 5 credits (online)
– AV00EE06-3009 Respiratory and cardiovascular rehabilitation, 5 credits (online)
– AV00EG62-3004 Cognitive functions in neurological diseases, 5 credits (online)















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Two application periods: 1.4.-15.5. and 15.9.-1.11.

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