Impact is made by competencies, expertise and development

Xamk promotes competent and responsible practices in business and industry not only by offering degree programme studies, continuous learning opportunities and services but also by running a variety of RDI projects and maintaining vast partner networks.

To make a difference, you have to be the difference.

Xamk enhances regional vitality and promotes sustainable development

Xamk aims to have a strong regional impact and is committed to promoting responsible practices with respect to its bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in the fields of wellbeing, technology and creative economy.

With campuses on Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Kouvola and Kotka, Xamk is a particularly important organisation in the regions of South-Savo and Kymenlaakso, and also has national significance. As for the international perspective, Xamk actively participates in higher education cooperation and networking programmes.

Responsibility is a strategic choice which is reflected on all levels of operation. Xamk prepares skillful and knowledgeable workers anticipating the changing needs in the world of work, promotes entrepreneurship and international relations, and offers new solutions to businesses and industries. All this makes a great difference in terms of demographics, availability of workforce, structure of trade and industry, education and entrepreneurial activities.

Xamk’s key figures speak for the impact it has. In addition to these easily measurable values, Xamk has a positive effect on regional competitiveness, mental environment and business image.

Xamk’s quality management system meets all national and European recommendations.

Strategy and responsibility programme

Our goal is to revitalise businesses and industries. 

Tax revenue, investments and service purchases have a direct impact

Xamk has a direct impact on regional vitality by way of producing workforce, generating tax revenue, making investments and purchasing services

The purchases and investments Xamk makes also have an indirect impact on regional employment. This accumulated effect is seen in the increased number and enhanced purchasing power of the employed people.

On average, the employment of three people will lead to the employment of a fourth due to an increased consumption of goods and services.



Focus on future-oriented education

At Xamk, the content of studies aims to anticipate the demand in the world of work a few years from now. Therefore, Xamk carries out close cooperation with local businesses, organisations and industries.

Each year, almost 8,000 first-preference applicants apply for Xamk’s degree programme studies. Approximately 36% of these applicants reside within Xamk’s area of operation, and 64% are from outside this area. Annually, approximately 2,900 new students move to Xamk’s campus cities, and some of them will stay there after graduation.

The total yearly number of completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees averages 1,900.

Availability of higher education is essential for regional vitality.

Continuous learning prepares for the changing needs in work life

On a regional level, competitiveness and competencies are enhanced via Pulse Open University of Applied Sciences that makes some of Xamk’s degree studies available to everybody. A comprehensive range of Open UAS studies improves the capabilities and potential of individuals and businesses to quickly respond to the changing needs in the world of work.

With almost 22,000 students, Pulse is the largest Open UAS in Finland accounting for as many as 91,000 completed ECTS credits per year.

Studies in the Open University of Applied Sciences increase competitiveness and employability.

Competent workforce and entrepreneurs

During its time of operation, Xamk has gradually contributed to the increase in the level of education among the population in South-Savo and Kymenlaakso. Between 2010—2019, the share of residents in these regions with a bachelor’s or master’s degree rose by 3.3%. At present, 26.1% of the residents have a bachelor’s or master’s degree while the national average is 32.2%.

Approximately 52% of all Xamk graduates state Kymenlaakso or South-Savo as their place of residence.

The higher the employment rate among bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates, the greater the regional development in terms of competencies and competitiveness. In the constantly changing world of work, there is also demand for people with entrepreneurial mindsets and ambitions, and to this end Xamk offers expert services and training.

For entrepreneurial degree students, Xamk offers a study path that allows them to combine studies and RDI activities. Of all graduates, approximately 4% run their own business, and Xamk wishes to further promote this trend.

Being the only institution of higher education in the region, Xamk plays a key role in increasing the education level among population.

Xamk promotes entrepreneurship by offering training and expert services.

Keen on RDI

By means of RDI, all expertise produced at universities of applied sciences directly contributes to the effective development of regional trade and industries and promote responsible and green practices.

In 2021, there were over 290 ongoing RDI projects at Xamk involving the participation of more than 938 SME.  Xamk’s RDI resources of external funding allocated to regional development. Total EUR 15.7 million of external funding is allocated to regional development

Xamk also wants to make an impact by delivering the latest research results in publications, the number of which reaches almost 880 per year. Of these, 95.5% are openly available.


RDI increases regional development resources.

Xamk targets RDI expertise to the core need of development.

These stories show how we make an impact:

How Xamk started modelling the impact of its applied research

Xamk has developed a model to systematically manage and demonstrate the impact of its Research, Development and Innovation activities.

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“If Xamk didn't exist, it would need to be invented.”

“In its commitment to promoting regional development, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk, holds an exceptionally significant role,” says Timo Aro, a leading expert in regional development.

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Preserving the value of forests for future generations

The value of forests can be preserved for the future by developing cross-industry co-operation, which is a strength of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk).

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Impactful and versatile RDI

The South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), is a strong partner for businesses, research institutions, and development organisations in the regions of South Savonia and Kymenlaakso. We help companies to succeed, we foster new entrepreneurship, and we address regional, national and global challenges.

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Mapping collaboration opportunities to impact companies in the region

Xamk has interviewed some 40 companies to gain a deeper understanding of the needs, opportunities and challenges in the region, in order to develop collaboration models accordingly.

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Recent press releases

Supercomputer ‘Hippu’ to boost data-intensive businesses

The supercomputer is part of Xamk’s Memory Lab digital technology research and innovation environment that brings world-class data processing and analytics capabilities to the Memory Campus.

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5G Mokki unveiled at Finnish university collaboration event

A modular high-tech unit for developing software applications that require ultra-fast internet connections, to render immersive, three-dimensional (3D), virtual-reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) learning environments.

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Celebrating 20 years of oil spill response research

Two decades of experience in oil spill response RDI has made Xamk a pioneer in the field, whose expertise is leveraged in the preparation of laws and the development of technical and operational solutions.

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Xamk represents Finland in European university INGENIUM

“INGENIUM will provide students with opportunities to choose studies from an international selection to incorporate in their degrees,” says Eeva Kuoppala, Project Director of INGENIUM at Xamk.

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