The Intensive Business Management Programme is intended for univerisity student groups as a shared curriculum programme. The students get to know the Finnish way of teaching, participate in cultural experiences, such as visiting the capital city Helsinki, and enjoy the clean Finnish nature in their free time. All the courses will provide ects credits.

It is also possible to arrange the Intensive Business Management Programme for non-educational partners and companies, who wish to educate their employees. The course contents will be customised to suit the target group.


Day-time studies at Xamk campus (Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli) 

Basic implementation is two months, including 4 courses, but other arrangements are also possible 

Summer Schools are also possible


Will be arranged according to mutual agreement

Prefarable timings: March – May or October – November 

Preferred group size:

25-38 students

build your own programme

core competence

Business and entrepreneurship

What opportunities does digital society offer for entrepreneurship?
What is the role of entrepreneurship in society?
What are the operational processes of an enterprise?
What are the main stakeholder groups?
What aspects must be considered when deciding the form of business?
What are the key interest groups?

Customer-oriented marketing 

What are the objectives and role of customer-oriented marketing and relationship marketing in the organizations’ operations?
How does the digital economy and operational environment affect the planning of marketing?
How is customer buying behavior and segmentation taken into consideration when defining objectives and target groups?
What does a marketing mix consist of, and how can it be used to reach organizational goals?

New business environment 

What are the characteristics of the new dynamic business environment?
How to utilise information gained from company visits, workshops with local businesses and business forums?
How to distinguish between the forces that constitute the new business environment through real company cases?
How to take advantage of networking activities and networked events?

Customer insight and customer experience 

What does the customer process mean and what is its role in business?
How do consumers, companies and organizations differ as customers?
What does customer experience consist of and how are you able to gain insight into it?
How are customer relationships built, maintained and developed?
What are the components of good customer service? 

International business practices 

What is globalization and what are its implications for companies doing business internationally? 
What are the main challenges companies operating internationally face in terms of different political/legal/economic/cultural environment? 
Which are the main internationalization strategies and market entry modes; and how to assess their risks? 
What are WTO and EU trade principles and how may they affect businesses doing import and export? 

Business Law and IPR 

How is a binding sales contract made and under what conditions will a contract be invalid? 
What are the rights and obligations of the seller and buyer in the sale of tangible goods? 
How do B-to-B sale and consumer sale differ? 
How can a business protect its rights? 
How should intellectual property rights be taken into account in marketing? 
How is the appearance of products, industrial inventions, computer programs, music, photos, texts and know-how protected and how is exclusive right to their use acquired? 

International human resources 

What is the history of human resources management in different global regions? 
How has the international nature of companies affected the growth and development of human resources? 
How to recruit and select employees in the global environment? 

complementary competence

AI and future technologies 

What are the concepts of AI and future technologies? 
What are the main principles of the business models on AI-powered platforms? 
How to solve business-related tasks in AI-dominated industries? 
What are the principles of emerging technologies? 
What are the types of technological trajectories and technological innovations? 
How to identify, analyse and develop smart technologies in business? 

Blockchain and platform economy 

What is the blockchain technology and its operational principles? 
How to analyse blockchain-driven businesses? 
How to develop a blockchain technology in business? 
What are the business features of decentralised applications and smart contracts? 
What types of platforms exist in business and how do the platforms function? 
How to design a suitable platform business model for a business? 
What are the characteristics of network effects in platform economy? 

IoT in business 

What opportunities does the Internet of Things (IoT) provide for business? 
What are strategies of global network economy? 
What kind of risks are there in laws related to global business? 
What are the challenges of supply chain management in digital business? 
How do the Internet and IoT work technically? 
What are the goals of information security and what measures are required to achieve these goals on the Internet? 

Marketing and brand management 

How to manage the marketing activities of a company? 
How to define a marketing strategy? 
How to build a brand? 

Digital marketing and sales 

What are the components of multichannel digital marketing and sales? 
How can customers’ online purchasing and decision making process be supported by means of digital marketing and sales? 
What has to be taken into account when creating effective content and how to find audiences for them? 
What is a well-functioning website of a company like and how is traffic created and measured? 
What is a well-functioning web store like: layout, usability and implementation? 

Service business design 

How do services differ from products? 
Why do services need designing? 
How to map service actors and other stakeholders? 
What are the different insight gathering tools to innovate services? 
How to develop, prototype and test service propositions? 

Innovation Management 

How to manage new service and product development processes and how to commercialize them? 
What are the soft skills behind innovation management? 
How to manage collaborative innovation networks (i.e. crowdfunding, crowdsourcing)? 
How to manage complex internal and external innovation processes in firms? 

Business English  

English vocabulary and particular grammatical structures in business contexts 

  • international trade, commerce, marketing as well as finance, insurance and banking
  • presentations and pitching
  • meetings and negotiations
  • professional business communication, spoken and written

example of an intensive programme

This brochure gives a nice example of how an Intensive Business Management Programme can be built.

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Mr. Grigory Budin

Senior Education Export Specialist