Intensive IT Programme

Offer your students an unforgettable learning experience!

The Intensive IT Programme is intended for univerisity student groups as a shared curriculum programme. The students get to know the Finnish way of teaching, participate in cultural experiences, such as visiting the capital city Helsinki, and enjoy the clean Finnish nature in their free time. All the courses will provide ects credits.

It is also possible to arrange the Intensive IT Programme for non-educational partners and companies, who wish to educate their employees. The course contents will be customised to suit the target group.


  • Day-time studies at Xamk campus (Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli) 
  • Basic implementation is two months, including 4 courses, but other arrangements are also possible 
  • Summer Schools are also possible


Will be arranged according to mutual agreement

Preferred group size:

25-38 students

Opportunity to study in Finland

Finland consistently ranks high in the world happiness ranking, quality of education and security. It is also abundant in nature and peaceful environment. Finland is a technological forerunner in various sectors and innovation is supported by a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem producing some of the world’s most successful companies.

Build your own programme

Check the course lists below and build a programme that best suits your students! We are also happy to discuss the possibility to add courses based on your specific needs to the programme.

Core Competence

Fundamentals of Programming

How to build programming concept?
How to write using programming languages?
How algorithms can be utilized to solve complex problems?
What are the fundamental data structures and are they implemented in programming?
What are the coding practices?

Web Development

How to create web applications?
What are the Web development practices?
How are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript utilized in the creation of interactive and visually appealing web pages?

Database Management

What are the foundational concepts of relational databases, and how is SQL used for data manipulation?
How are databases designed to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of data?
What techniques are employed to optimize the performance of Databases?

Basics of cyber security

What are the fundamental concepts and principles of cyber security?
How to implement secure coding practices to prevent vulnerabilities?
What measures are taken to ensure the security of networks and data transmission?
What are the key principles and techniques of ethical hacking for identifying and mitigating security risks?

Essentials of computer science

What are the core principles and concepts that define computer science?
How are algorithms used to solve problems, and what strategies can be employed to develop efficient and effective algorithms?
What is the role of programming languages in computer science?
What are the emerging technologies in computer science, and how are they shaping the future of the field?

Fundamentals of blockchain

How does blockchain technology work, and what are its key components?
What role do smart contracts play in blockchain applications?
What security measures are essential to safeguard blockchain-based systems?
How to develop blockchain technology in business?

Complementary Competence

Google Data analytics

What is the role of a Google data analyst, and how does it contribute to data-driven decision-making?
What tools and resources are essential in establishing an effective data toolbox for analysis?
What formulas and calculations are employed to analyze datasets comprehensively?
How can data be visually represented for better understanding and interpretation?

JAVA Programming

What is the syntax and structure of Java?
What are the key principles of Object-Oriented Programming in Java, and how do they enhance code organization and reusability?
What is the role of Java frameworks, such as Spring, and how do they streamline the development process?

Fundamentals of Python

What are the fundamental concepts and principles that make up the Python programming language?
How are data types and variables utilized in Python programming?
What are the various Python collections and how are they employed to organize data?
How can Python be utilized for creating web applications?

Essentials of IoT

What is IoT, why is it important and how does it affect business operations?
What are the fundamental components of an IoT system?
What are the applictions and future prospects of IoT?
What kinds of business opportunities IoT offers?
What are the data protection requirements and security considerations regarding IoT?

Applications of AI

What fundamental ideas and notions underlie the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and futuristic technologies?
What ethical considerations must be addressed in the development and deployment of AI technologies?
Which advanced concepts and techniques are used in artificial intelligence applications?

Introduction to ethical hacking

What is the fundamental concept of ethical hacking?
What legal and ethical considerations should ethical hackers be aware of?
What are the common threats and vulnerabilities that ethical hackers need to identify and address in a cyber security context?
What are the security challenges associated with wireless networks, and how do ethical hackers address these challenges to ensure secure wireless communication?







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