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Xamk students at Mikkeli campus.

Why study in Finland? Finnish institutions are well-respected in the global job market

The Finnish education system is highly regarded worldwide, and degrees from Finnish institutions are well-respected in the global job market. This recognition stems from the…
Santeri Koivisto is a head of international affairs.

We offer quality programmes and courses

Finnish university-level education and research can compete globally with quality and safe environment, Santeri Koivisto, Xamk Head of International Affairs and Education, says.

Raw Data on Crude Oil

To respond to crude oil spills the flammability and harmful concentrations of the oil must be taken into account. Tests will be started at Xamk’s…

SÖKÖ Manual on the ABCs of Marine Oil Spill Response

Oil spill response can be a long-term task, affecting a wide geographical area and a large number of operators. To facilitate the coordination of spill…

A Hair-Raising Novelty for Onshore Oil Recovery?

Hairs have been used to adsorb oil in past oil spills overseas. However, practical challenges have been encountered in the use of hairs, which have…