We promote the open science and research culture.
–XAMK strategy 2018-2030

Open research culture

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences promotes open research culture. With it, the aim is to make the produced information and competences visible and disseminate them to interested parties in a controlled manner.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences has signed the national Declaration for Open Science and Research 2020–2025, which promote openness in four areas: open culture, open publishing, open research data and open education.

Open research culture concerns all individuals at Xamk, including researchers, project actors, teachers, students and other personnel. In Xamk, open research culture development is promoted by a working group that consists of representatives of RDI personnel, library and information services as well as education.

Xamk’s Open Science Principles



  • Know-how and skills made visible
  • Data management planning
  • Systematic management and opening up of the research process
  • Taking the usability of the results into account when drawing up contracts
  • Data retention
  • Open access publishing of research data
  • Self-archiving
  • Opening up the reuse of data
  • Creating and sharing open learning material that is available for all
  • Data lifecycle management as a part of the thesis process
  • Joint activities of the scientific community






  • To increase the quality, reliability, visibility and accessibility of operations
  • To improve the verifiability, open evaluation and quality of research
  • To promote the effects and impact of the research results regionally and in the whole society
  • To ensure that the methods, data, results and outputs of the projects are available in a controlled manner
  • To enable new kind of cooperation and innovation
  • To support cooperation opportunities and gaining merit
  • To promote good information management
  • To improve the efficiency of operations
  • To enable the involvement of companies, decision-makers and citizens in research


We are committed to the principles of open science in our publication activities. Xamk’s publication series are available for everyone to read in Theseus and Xamk’s online journals Next and Read operate on the principles of open access.

For our staff, we offer editing and translation services for Finnish and English language texts. We work with our authors and train them in writing through feedback and sparring sessions. We encourage scientific writing and support our staff’s professional development. All publication manuscripts at Xamk are reviewed by our publication group and/or an expert in the field.

We provide guidance on information retrieval and systematically self-archive scientific and professional publications in Theseus. Scientific articles are saved in Theseus only in cases where they do not lead to copyright infringements.



Interfaces Xamk provides data sets for public use through open data interfaces. The interfaces are public, but their use requires registration and using a key obtained through it to search information.

Research data

    • Data management plan. Xamk uses a tool called DMPTuuli to make data management plans. New instructions for research data retention are being prepared.
    • Digital preservation. Xamk’s digital preservation and archiving system Yksa is currently being developed. The goal is to enable the opening of data in the future. Xamk’s data policy will be completed in 2020.
    • Monitoring openness. Xamk follows the volume of open access publishing with Juuli and the openness of the theses with Yksa and Theseus. These are a part of the library’s permanent statistics from 2020 onwards. The visibility of research is reviewed through, for example, media hits related to RDI activities and the number of downloads of publications.

Model contracts. Model contracts can be found in Xamk’s intra and they are open for Xamk’s personnel. The contracts take financial conditions into consideration and aim at publishing and disseminating the results as widely as possible


Quality work follows the principles of transparency, reliability and confidentiality. Read more about Quality and Assessment.


Xamk encourage staff and students to open education and the use of open education materials. Open education and open education materials are also included in the pedagogical reform of 2022-2024. Xamk’s Open Education Materials Program was completed in spring 2022 and is one important tool in promoting a culture of open education in Xamk. In addition to internal education and development, we are also involved in national open education development and networks.


Open educational resources (This LibGuide is an adapted version in English of the Finnish LibGuide. English adaption:Qingbo Xu, Information specialist, Hanken)


RDI environments and infrastructures are an essential part of higher education institutions’ competences and they support both education, and research and innovation activities. We are clarifying service principles while the infrastructure is being opened. We do research and development cooperation within the laboratories and infrastructure. From the Services for Companies pages you can find Xamk’s services, equipment, specialists and networks gathered into one place.

Policy of openness of cooperation. You can find information on partnerships on every projects’ own webpages. RDI activities.


Future training events for staff and students

Internal trainings and events can be found in the Xamk Intranet staff events and internal trainings calendar.

See also from the national Open Science -website event calendar for national trainings.




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