Sufficiency solutions for a resilient, green, and just Finland (SISU)

SISU seeks to harness the untapped potential of sufficiency solutions. The main aim is to ensure that the green transition and basic welfare state promises can be realized even in conditions where the economy does not grow.

We study and promote sufficiency transition!

SISU is part of the 2023-2029 JUST TRANSITION program funded by the Strategic Research Council of Finland.

The SISU consortium consists of research teams from the University of Eastern Finland, Demos Helsinki, LUT University, University of Turku and XAMK (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences). The consortium is led by professor Arto O. Salonen from the University of Eastern Finland.

We organize Heritage Futures Workshops with our stakeholders

Senior Researcher Kristiina Korjonen-Kuusipuro’s research is concentrated on affects and emotions in sufficiency transition. She works in work package four that organizes Heritage Futures Workshops. The work package is lead by PhD. Katriina Siivonen from the University of Turku.

The SISU project

  • Develops of a new ecological macro-economic model to simulate resilient green transition and sufficiency scenarios.
  • Examines the attitudes to the future of vulnerable groups using register data and interviews.
  • Identifies ways to maintain citizens’ trust in societal institutions during a green transition with comparative analysis and Delphi workshops.
  • Develops understanding on prevailing and co-creates new anticipatory beliefs to drive sufficiency through novel Heritage Futures Workshops.
  • Engages key societal stakeholders in Finland in a discussion of sufficiency solutions through transition arenas.

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Project name:

Sufficiency solutions for a resilient, green, and just Finland (SISU)

Project duration: 1.10.2023–30.9.2029


Lead partner: University of Eastern Finland
Partial partners: Demos Helsinki, LUT University, University of Turku, University of Eastern Finland, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Area of strength: Sustainable wellbeing
Research unit: Juvenia
Impact edge: Environment and sustainability


Financier and main source of funding: The Strategic Research Council (SRC) / Strategisen tutkimuksen neuvosto (STN)
Total budget: 2 731 153 Euros
Xamk part of the total budget: 185 926 Euros

Project partners