In the digital world, sets of information can literally disappear with one click. Digitalia helps to save the valuable cultural heritage.

Digitalia has opened fully new opportunities to use the archived materials in research. – The Päivälehti Archives

For once a presentation to introduce a concrete solution. – Member meeting of the European digital archiving coalition, DLM-Forum, Haag



Digitalia was established in 2015. It is a joint research and development network formed by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), University of Helsinki, and The National Library of Finland.

Our solutions improve the opportunities to use digitized and born-digital material for e.g. academic research. We develop automated content analysis, optical character recognition, anonymisation and information visualisation in 3D environment. We process various types of documents: digitized text, photos, videos and historical newspaper resources, as well as e-mails and social media data. We do not provide digitization services, for them please contact Disec Oy.

Our work helps to make sure information is preserved for a long time, while being usable and reliable. We conduct migration research, i.e. advance in transferring digital information from obsolete media and repositories into novel ones. We improve the quality and usability of historical resources.


Digitalia’s collaboration partners include archives, libraries, research institutions, schools, companies and third-sector associations. We closely collaborate with education programs within the field of information management and digital archiving. In addition, we organise Summer School on Digital Information annually, in August.

In Xamk, Digitalia is a part of the focus area of digital economy. We continue the tradition from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences in developing digital archiving solutions. We also support the strategic objective of the city of Mikkeli in operating as a hub of preservation and archiving.

Our projects are funded e.g. by The Regional Council of South Savo from the European Regional Development Fund.



Please contact us, when you need to develop the management of digital information!


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Results of our R&D

  • Automated splitting of large PDF datasets, pilot with Helsinki City Archives
  • Automatically converting old e-mail folders into archive-compatible form, pilot with The Päivälehti Archives
  • Rule- and AI-based classification of digital information and identifying empty pages, pilot with The National Archives of Finland, codes on GitHub
  • Pilot on 3D visualisation of historical information
  • Dynamic virtual museum platform for building exhibitions, pilot with ELKA Design Archive, more info and guidance to the virtual museum
  • Open guides on digitization and knowledge management (in Finnish)
  • Developing social media data collection and preservation, pilot with the official Twitter accounts of Finnish municipalities and the Association of Finnish Municipalities
  • Open source solution for archiving personal information, pilot of Citizen Archive
  • Completing the archival of Karjala database with 11M records
  • Open historical data packages for newspapers, including guidance packages, tool for loading content from digital newspapers
  • Historical content packages about Southern Savonia for teaching, see Finna Classroom
  • Guidebook for using historical raw data, see more in GitHub
  • Integrating research results into the system
  • Please check also Memory Campus, which operates in Mikkeli and serves as a hub for archives and libraries.

Demos and publications

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Digitalia blog / Xamk

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Digitalia blog / University of Helsinki

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European Regional Development Fund Leverage from the EU Digitalia University of Helsinki Time Machine

Digitalia – Research Center on Digital Information Management

Noora Talsi
Research Director, Xamk, digital economy
p. 040 648 5020

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Patteristonkatu 2
50100 Mikkeli

The National Library of Finland, Mikkeli unit
Saimaankatu 6
50100 Mikkeli


Digitalia team at Xamk, email:

Miia Kosonen
RDI Specialist, project manager
p. 040 672 0694

Anssi Jääskeläinen
Research Manager, applications, format migration

Tuomo Räisänen
IT Specialist, application development

Teemu Hänninen
IT Specialist, documentation, training materials

Digitalia team at The National Library of Finland, email:

Minna Kaukonen
Head of Planning, The National Library of Finland
p. 050 415 5450

Liisa Näpärä
Planning Officer, The National Library of Finland

Erno Liukkonen
IT System Specialist, The National Library of Finland

Marja-Leena Hynynen
Information Specialist, The National Library of Finland