We will strengthen the logistic competitiveness of companies and we create the conditions for growth and new business.

We develop the education and know-how of logistics and shipping.

We combine the logistics actors, education and industry into new service innovations.


NELI – North European Logistics Institute is a research unit of logistics and seafaring in South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. We are an active education innovator in seafaring and logistics – the link between business and education.

NELI is also part of the regional and international logistics, research, development and innovation network.

The cooperation of regional organizations, the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the provincial cities and the regional council, is seamless. The County program, as well as regional strategies steer NELI activities




NELI is a well-known and prestigious, internationally networking actor in the logistics centre of expertise of South-Eastern Finland. As a result of NELI’s operations, the reputation of south-eastern Finland as a logistics expert has increased and the region has achieved its strategic goals in logistics business and know-how.


NELI’s participation in logistics research and development is diverse. NELI produces project ideas, plans projects together with a partner network, acts as a coordinator and partner in larger projects, and conducts surveys for stakeholders’ needs.

NELI’s project activities are guided by the needs of the business community, as well as the genuine interest in the development of logistics.




NELI is a member of the expert team at the Finnish Transport and Communications Ministry’s transport research group Fintrip.

NELI is involved in logistics and transport in the international network of European Union developers as follows:

  • Member of ERRIN regional development network Transport group
  • Involved in ALICE logistics and developers experts network
  • Expert member appointed by the Regional Council in CPMR Transport Group
  • Expert member of the TEN-T INEA Advisory Board.

NELI has an extensive corporate network contacts and contacts with similar developer organizations in the Baltic Sea region and elsewhere in Europe and Russia.

NELI’s activities are guided by the partnership forum of business members and logistics experts gathering twice a year.

NELI is an active expert supporting the governing bodies of the logistics sector.

The cooperation of regional organizations, cities in the region, with the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the Regional Council is seamless and the regional strategies guide the NELI operations.





NELI operated as a developmental project for logistics in the years 2007 – 2013. Currently, NELI continues as a part of Xamk’s research, development and innovation (RDI).


Logistics development program NELI – North European Logistics Institute of Kymenlaakso University of applied sciences was awarded in the yearly event of the universities of applied sciences on the 13th of May 2014. The project was awarded in the series of the best job and business development. Each year, the prize will be awarded to the best research-, development-, and innovation activity (RDI) of the universities of applied sciences.

The NELI project involved 143 business partners. The implementation of the project was carried out by a ten-person research team, made up of logistics professionals. During the project, 22 customer-driven applied research projects were carried out, of which eight had their own funding.

NELI – North European Logistics Institute
Pääskysentie 1
48220 Kotka

Research Director

Ville Henttu
Tel. +358  44 702 8522



Research Unit Director

Tomi Oravasaari
Tel. +358 44 7028289

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