Food service professional, Do you need the latest information about vegetarian food? Come with KasvisPro to hear more about it.


Public food services are a guide in responsibility and make practical efforts for a better tomorrow. Providing vegetarian food reduces the climate and environmental burden of food services. Adding vegetarian food to the menu also follows nutrition recommendations and enables choices that support the health of customers. Food services can increase the attractiveness and availability of vegetarian foods by providing them on a daily basis. A tasty and hungry vegetarian food encourages you to try it at home.

Vegetarian food and plant proteins in food services, KasvisPro training offers up-to-date theoretical knowledge in the form of inspiring videos and reflection tasks. In practical cooking workshops, sleeves are wrapped and cooked with delicious vegetarian food for professional kitchen use according to standard recipes.


The training consists of two parts:
Part 1: Vegetarian food information for professional kitchens

The theoretical training consists of videos where experts talk about the themes of Vegetarian Food Abc, Sustainable Vegetarian Food with taste and Interesting Vegetarian Food. The theoretical part also includes tasks that activate and test what is learned.

Part 2: Full buckets of vegetables

Practical training takes place in vegetarian workshops where professionals work together to prepare vegetarian food, discuss, train, and share experiences of vegetarian food and plant proteins. The recipes used in workshops are suitable for large quantities of manufacture.

Practical toolbox for vegetable food and plant proteins

After training, competence will be deepened in workshops (5 pcs), where the use of vegetarian food and plant proteins will be promoted and applied together with those involved in the training, and routine changes and choices made in everyday food services will be supported. Workshops focus on working together and peer support. The experience and information need of the participants in training provide a practical toolkit consisting of concrete experiences, tips and other guidelines. The practical toolbox is available to everyone on KasvisPro’s website.


More information

Piia Mikonsaari
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
Project manager
tel. +358 50 4108 048

Consortium parties:
Niina Rantakari
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
Project manager
tel. +358 40 8302 095

Suvi-Tuulia Leinonen
Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences
Project manager
tel. +358 40 6690 645

Sari Väänänen
Savo Vocational College
Project manager
tel. +358 44 7854 025

Marjut Huhtala
Ammattikeittiöosaajat ry
Professional kitchen experts’assosiation
Executive director
tel. +358 50 3413 957

Hankkeen tietosuojaseloste

The KasvisPro training project aims to increase knowledge and understanding the use of vegetarian foods and plant proteins in food services. During KasvisPro, information on the effects of plant proteins and a more vegetarian diet in both environmental and human health and well-being will be increased. KasvisPro aims to increase the attractiveness of vegetarian foods and plant proteins among food service staff and customers. At the same time, the availability of food instructions for vegetarian foods will be improved by sharing the food instructions found to be good for free use in the project.

* Design and implementation of theoretical training
* Planning and implementation of training days
* Implementation and dissemination of results
* Project management and reporting


As a result of KasvisPro, expertise has increased in the use of vegetarian foods and plant proteins in food services. Guidance on how to switch to them is better available. KasvisPro’s long-term objective is to improve the availability of prescriptions that promote the use of tested plant proteins suitable for the production of food services and to support the culture of making public food services together, for example through the sharing of food instructions.

KasvisPro’s target group is the staff of professional kitchens producing public food services, who are responsible for the design and/or product development of food production and menus.



Vegetarian food and plant proteins in food services - KasvisPro-training project

1 January 2023 – 31 August 2024

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Partners: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Savo Vocational College, Ammattikeittiöosaajat ry

Focus areas: Sustainable wellbeing


Total budget: € 268 684

XAMK part of the total budget: € 53 736

Financiers and main source of funding: The project is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland. From the Fund for the Promotion of the Food Chain. Funding is granted by the Finnish Food Authority.