In Mextile project we pursue to find and create models for sorting, collecting, and processing textile waste materials.

The recycling of textiles in Europe is becoming more efficient, and municipalities in Finland must organize regional collections of textile waste as early as January 1st in 2023. Cost-effective collection and sorting processes as well as versatile utilization of collected materials are key factors in achieving successful circular economy for textile materials. Since waste textile collection is still new for both consumers and other operators, comprehensive communication and guidance is needed to create efficient circular models for the textile materials.


The goal of the Mextile project is to find and create models for sorting, collecting, and processing of waste textile materials to best suit the area of Southern Savonia. The project will pilot the most promising models in practice to gain valuable experience. It is important to promote the transition towards textile circularity in the region of Southern Savonia to increase the recycling rate of these materials. With cooperation of companies and other stakeholders, new innovative product development is carried out and studied to find viable solutions for the reuse of the different textile materials. Building new business cases in collaboration with companies, will strengthen the region’s competitiveness.


The Mextile project is structured around five Work Packages (WP1–WP5)

  • WP 1: An effective collection model for end-of-life textiles
  • WP 2: Innovative sorting models for end-of-life textiles – through demonstrations towards practice
  • WP 3: New openings – product innovations of the collected textiles
  • WP 4: Development of business to exploit the use of end-of-life textiles
  • WP 5: Communication and publication


To succeed in the transition of textile circularity in the area, it will be vital for the project partners to have extensive cooperation also with other stakeholders such as associations, organizations, and educational institutions. Implementing the recycling of textiles among consumers calls for versatile communication actions and involving them in the planning processes. Studying consumer experiences help develop practical and comprehensible textile collection models. Also, through consumer guidance and communications, the quality and quantity of collected textiles may be enhanced.

More information

Kati Jordan

Project Manager
+358 50 357 9395

Hanne Soininen
Research Manager
+358 400 869 952

Miia Sourander
Researcher Engineer
+358 50 466 6880

Vuokko Malk
RDI specialist

Metsäsairila Oy
Soili Maunula
Waste management Engineer
+35844 755 8207

Mikkelin kehitysyhtiö Miksei Oy
Johanna Järvinen
Circular Economy Expert
+358 50 465 5320

ViaDia Mikkeli ry
Erno Gynther
Project worker


Mextile – Efficient Circularity for textiles in Southern Savonia

1 November 2022 – 31 October 2024

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Partners: Metsäsairila Oy, ViaDia Mikkeli ry, Mikkelin kehitysyhtiö Miksei Oy


Total budget: € 482 190

XAMK part of the total budget: € 200 328

Financiers and main source of funding: South Savo Regional Council