The project deals with training of young people living in rural areas in Finland and Latvia to social entrepreneurship.

Project “Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Empowerment in Finland and Latvia” is funded via Interreg Baltic Programme and partly by European Union during years 2023-2025. Aim of the project is to train young people living in rural Päijät-Häme and rural areas in Latvia, to start with a social enterprise. In EU, social entrepreneurship is considered important to promote as a practice, since it strengthens social resilience and contributes to maintain sustainable livelihoods. The project benefits particularly young people with fewer opportunities, as entrepreneurial skills empower them to develop their communities.

The project is led by international, non-profit organization Reach for Change from Latvia, that works for promoting the practice of social entrepreneurship in the whole world. Juvenia from South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences serves as a project partner together with DILA (Lahti Diaconia Institute) in Finland, and the organization Creative Ideas in Latvia.

Aim of the project is to train Finnish and Latvian young people with 18-25 years of age for social entrepreneurship by online training and training camps in Latvia. On behalf of Juvenia, the training programme will be evaluated in terms of its replicability and societal impact.

More information

Senior Researcher Susan Eriksson

Xamk Juvenia

gsm: +358 40 684 7702



Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Empowerment in Finland and Latvia

1 April 2023 – 30 September 2025

Project partners

Lead partner: Reach For Change

Partners: Creative Ideas, DILA Lahti Diaconia Institute, Juvenia

Focus areas: Sustainable wellbeing
Xamk Research Units: Juvenia


Total budget: € 748 594

XAMK part of the total budget: € 123 151

Financiers and main source of funding: Interreg Central Baltic