The growing use of gaming technologies in all industries is creating new innovations that require new skills. The XGS project responds to this need.


Increasing game technology expertise for future working life needs across industry boundaries. Increased educational cooperation between technology and other fields. Bringing different levels of education closer together in the field of technology. Strengthening RDI activities related to game technology training.

Improving the employment of the project’s target group and raising the level of experts. Expanding game technology know-how into new industries in cooperation with education and companies. Identifying the future skills needs of working life and creating new growth opportunities.

Increasing the sense of community in the field in a multicultural environment, supported by many fields of education, and through it, bringing working life actors and students closer together. Better coordination of work and education and developing a model for continuous learning.

Increasing the visibility of regional expertise nationally and internationally. Increasing cooperation between businesses and enabling networking between regional actors.




Support for game technology training and content design through research and development activities. Deepening synergies and cooperation between game technologies and other areas of education. Improving the accessibility of educational materials and content and reaching out to future students. Combining practical activities from RDI activities to support the construction of multidisciplinary cooperation in education. More vital collaboration between different levels of education in the field of game technology. The path of graduates from the 2nd degree to a higher education degree to a lower and more straightforward one through cooperation.


We will expand our game industry expertise and the use needs of game technology to new industries. Cooperation with the business world, integrating students and actors in working life during studies, and exploring the opportunities offered by the digitalization of various industries and the utilization of gaming technology.


We are growing the gaming and technology-related community, improving the industry’s accessibility, and creating and maintaining a digital communication platform for all actors in gaming technologies and those interested in the field. A study of the risks of dropping out of studies for gaming students and the reasons for dropping out.


Annual gaming technology event. Strong corporate cooperation is involved in organizing the event. The event brings together all experts and companies related to game technologies from Finland and the rest of the world. Smaller events can also be carried out as part of a whole.


Cooperation and development of education and training through RDI activities. Increasing the content of game technology training and responding to future needs in studies. Business cooperation in game technology training starts right from the start of the training program. It improves and ensures the accessibility and equality of studies. The synergies created by cooperation with educational institutions between different educational organizations and levels of education, as well as its indirect benefits, such as strengthening the study path in the fields of technology.

By identifying the competence needs of working life, the threshold for employment has been lowered for students. It recognizes the necessity and opportunities of game technology in other industries and expands competence beyond the current field of knowledge. It secures companies’ competitiveness and growth potential by creating new jobs in existing sectors—a more straightforward path of continuous learning in areas related to game technologies.

A digital communication platform for game technology operators that enables the growth and maintenance of a sense of community. The convergence and collision of actors in working life, educational institutions, and students on the platform.

The game technology event highlights Kymenlaakso’s game technology expertise, companies, and training in the field. The event helps students and others interested in the field network, thus facilitating employment.


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Project Manager
Kristo Juurinen
puh. +358 46 922 6248

RDI Specialist
Sabine Suorsa
puh. +358 44 702 8901

Project worker
Eric Littell
puh. +358 50 477 9140


Privacy statement of the project

Welcome to Xamk Game Studios possibilities

XGS Summer Internship – Kesäharkka 2024

6.5. – 31.8.2024

XAMK Game Studios summer internship 2024 application is now open. We are looking for students from multiple fields interested in working with us during the summer (May to August) in a project-based learning environment deeply involved in game dev and game tech.

This year, we are also welcoming students interested in GAME BUSINESS, such as, e.g., all areas of Marketing, Business Development, Service Design, and many other business-related topics.

During the internship, you can develop your technical and soft skills and get hands-on experience working in the gaming industry. We mainly seek Game Design, Game Technologies, and Game Programming students. However, do not hesitate to apply if you are interested in the gaming industry, regardless of your degree program.

During our XGS Summer Internship, you will have access to XAMK’s appliances, staff expertise, and regional companies, if applicable, to the project being worked on. Work will be carried out from Kotka, Kouvola, and Mikkeli campuses. However, remote work can be discussed if needed. In addition to that, the internship positions are mainly for full-time work, but part-time work can be addressed separately.

Do not hesitate to fill out the application if you are interested in the gaming industry and believe you would fit in with us. You do not have to be “a gamer” or have game development experience to work with us. Having a good attitude, team spirit, and willingness to learn new things while taking on challenges is what we are looking for!

The summer internship is worth 15ECTS and is unpaid. 
We will happily discuss further how the internship aligns with your studies.

Apply here:

Do you want to work on your own project in collaboration with XGS?

Do you have a game idea, or have you participated in a Game Jam and created a super-cool game? Ask yourself what you can do with it.
Do you have a gamified application idea and would like to level it up?
Do you have a game tech solution idea and would like to bring it further?

Xamk Game Studios is offering beside our yearly internship a simplified Incubator program that can help you to find some answers, tools and gadgets. Get a good understanding of what is needed to boost your idea further.

The incubator is running at the same time as the XGS internship, so you can gain additional support by joining our Masterclasses, testing your idea with the available gadgets, getting valuable feedback from others – and finding an answer to challenging game business questions.

Join us and sign up:  XGS Makers Incubator 2024 Application.  

We can create a plan together and launch your next unicorn

Welcome to the Xamk Game Track event.

Xamk Game Track is an annual event primarily held in Kotka during the month of November. The event allows students and our stakeholders to showcase their products and services. Each Game Track event features a fairly extensive SHOWROOM area specifically created for this occasion.

In the SHOWROOM area, the latest features of gaming technology are presented, allowing every visitor to try out various gaming tools such as VR, XR, artificial intelligence, and many others.

We welcome visitors and individuals interested in gaming technology to join our event and explore new possibilities.

Xamk Game Track is not just about the SHOWROOM – we also annually invite industry professionals to explore and share their success stories with us. The keynote sessions cover different topics each year and are highly international. These sessions allow our students and participants to learn tips and tricks that support their development and steps into the gaming industry.”



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For students

Do you want to develop your skills in the gaming industry? Apply to join Xamk Game Studios. Xamk Game Studios offers students interesting projects connected to the game industry.

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For companies

Is your organization interested in getting to know new technologies? Think about the possibilities offered by game technologies? Are you interested in developing gamified solutions for your company?
Contact us and we will tell you more about Xamk Game Studios.

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Kristo Juurinen

Software Designer
Kotka Campus

Sabine Suorsa

Project Manager
Kouvola Campus

Eric Littell

Project Worker
Kotka Campus

Jani Ahde

Kotka Campus

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XGS – The future needs and experts of game technology

1 January 2023 – 31 December 2025

Project partners

Lead partner: Xamk

Focus areas: Digital economy


Total budget: € 617 290

XAMK part of the total budget: € 154 322

Financiers and main source of funding: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment; European Social Fund plus (ESF+)