Online courses on demand

Would you like to offer online courses for your students or train your staff flexibly online? Xamk has the expertise and capability to produce excellent tailored courses on a variety of topics. Whether you prefer a mentored course or a fully automated one, we’ve got you covered!

For educational institutions, we can offer courses, which provide ECTS credits. One ECTS credit corresponds to approximately 28 hours of work. A typical course at Xamk is 5 ECTS, but we can flexibly provide shorter or longer courses. Tailored online courses are the perfect way to broaden your students’ knowledge on a particular topic or introduce a topic which is outside their regular curriculum.

For companies, the courses are specially designed to suit the busy working life environment. Tailored online courses offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to boosting your staff’s personal development and know-how. An online course is readily available whenever your employees have the time to begin their learning journey.

For more information, please contact

Mr Grigory Budin
Senior Education Export Specialist, Team leader 
+358 44 702 8484