Puettavalla silmänliikekameralla testataan sähköisten infotaulujen käyttäjäkokemusta- Testaajana Teppo Rantaniva.


uXlab is a usability testing service provided by South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. Service includes top-level technology for testing and studying user experience and usability.

We help to develop products, services and environments in a user-centered way.

Eye tracking technology

Usability testing both on a mobile device and a computer

Eye tracker examines the test person’s pupils and reacts to eye movements and objects. In this way, we can measure what subjects are interested in and how intuitively they find the information they want when performing pre-defined tasks.

Testing can be done both on a mobile device and a computer.

Silmänliikeanalyysi verkkokaupan etusivulla
Testataan tuotesijoittelua kahvilassa puettavalla silmänliikekameralla, kuvassa katsepolku.

Wearable eye tracker for testing physical user interfaces and environments

Our eye tracking equipment also includes a wearable model similar to eyeglasses, which enables testing not only digital user interfaces, but also physical user interfaces and for example the usability of environment to be studied.

The testing is facilitated and analyzed by an experienced Xamk’s expert.

Portable testing equipment

Testing equipment is portable. It enables facilitation of usability testings anywhere.

On top of this, we have a biometric sensor that detects test person’s emotions. This can be utilized especially when testing user experience of audiovisual content.

Verkkosivujen käytettävyystestaustilanne käynnissä, testikäyttäjänä nainen, testausta seuraa Xamkin asiantuntija Teppo Rantaniva.

What can be tested at uXlab?

  • Websites
  • Software / applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Audiovisual content
  • Digital brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Other digital content
  • Built environment (for example signs, product placement etc.)
  • Physical user interfaces

Report for the customer: easy to understand and to take next development steps

Findings from eye tracking and thinking out loud data

Summary and findings from the survey conducted after the usability test

Proposals for development

Description of the test and test group

Available for rent to organisations

Usability testing equipment is also available for rent to organisations, in which cases organisations will facilitate the usability test (supported by Xamk’s expert) and analyzes the data by themselves.

Example packages


Narrow usability testing with a small test group, implemented with one testing technology.

1000-1500 € (VAT 0 %)


Basic usability testing with 6-10 test users, implemented with one testing technology.

2500-3500 € (VAT 0 %)


Extensive usability testing implemented with a large test group and multiple testing technologies.

6900-9900 € (VAT 0 %)

Silmänliikeanalyysi mobiililaitteella, kuvassa näkyy lämpökartta siitä, mihin käyttäjän katse on kohdistunut.

What does uXlab include?

What does uXlab include?

✓ Everything needed for a user testing

✓ Test users

✓ Testing supervised and facilitated by an expert

✓ Expert analysis

✓ Action proposals

Verkkosivujen käytettävyystestaustilanne käynnissä, testikäyttäjänä nainen, testausta seuraa Xamkin asiantuntija Teppo Rantaniva.

Why uXlab service?

Why uXlab service?

✓ In a usability test, even small usability problems are quickly identified

✓ An efficient and easy way to find out the availability of your service

✓ The package is tailored to meet the customer’s needs

How to get started?

How to get started?

✓ Contact directly to the expert at the bottom of the page.

✓ We will review your digital service or other object of testing and make an assessment of the necessary testing package and its scope

✓ The start date of the work and also the review of the report and the final summary are agreed upon.

✓ In the joint review, you will receive concrete results and proposals for development.

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Teppo Rantaniva has over 10 years of experience in developing products and services with user-centered focus and methods.