Harness your potential and take your business to a new level with XaMBA”  


Are you a manager working to accomplish your company or organisation’s internationalisation or development objectives?

Xamk applied MBA (XaMBA) is an international executive education programme for company managers. XaMBA strengthens your professional competence and helps you build an international network and lead your company’s development projects from start to finish with the help of seasoned professionals.

The programme is tailored according to your needs and goals. The study modules comprise contemporary and relevant topics.

The programme suits key persons in private companies and public organisations. What matters most is that you are willing to invest in redesigning your business, become more competent in responding to fluctuating market situations, and perhaps grow your business through internationalisation.

personalised, practical education programme for leadership PROFESSIONALS 

The education programme suits different industries because our professionals personalise the content to your needs and goals.

In the name XaMBA, the first letter ‘a’ stands for “Applied,” referring to our fully customisable, practical approach.

During the programme, you can apply the theories and tools you learn and advance your organisation’s business objectives in your daily work.

The programme is implemented primarily online, but there are also some contact teaching days. Once you have finished the programme, you will receive a certificate of completion granted by the South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences.

The programme is taught in English, and you should have a good grasp of written and spoken English. The programme instructors are Finnish-speaking professionals.

  • The programme is suitable for you if:
    • You are interested in developing international business using the latest methods, and internationalisation is relevant to your company or organisation.
    • You are considering further education to update your management skills.
    • You are considering bringing in external support, such as consultants, to innovate your company’s operations and implement the proper change measures.
    • You want personalised training tailored to you and your company’s needs.
    • You want to study flexibly – these are blended studies.
    • Aimed at people from both private companies and public organisations.
    • Managers and entrepreneurs with business experience.
    • Previous university studies/bachelor’s or master’s degree from a university of applied sciences is recommended but not mandatory.

Do you want to map out what personal needs you could develop in the programme or what results you could expect? Send us a message, and we’ll get in touch!


“We don’t offer the same content to all participants, but instead, we work with you to customise the activities so that they can help you achieve your own professional goals.”

– Ulrika Silversabel, XaMBA Programme Director 




14 900 € + VAT. 24%

Cambridge week*

2 450 € + VAT 24%

* Prices do not include accommodation or travel costs. The price shown for the Cambridge week is for XaMBA students. The price for others €4,990 + VAT 24%

Group size: min 20 – max 40 participants. We reserve the right to make changes.



XaMBA consists of eight modules, which are completed during the programme. The programme’s languages are Finnish and English. The bilateral customisation, coaching, and guidance discussions with instructors are conducted in Finnish, and the language of discussion at the Cambridge meetings is English. The material used in the programme is mostly in English.

Instruction includes online and contact teaching sessions, lectures, workshops, and real-life promotion and reporting of development measures. Our professionals will support you throughout your studies.


  • Personalised tutoring and customised content according to your needs.
  • Lectures and lecture materials. Recommended literature is provided in each module.
  • Self-study according to your own interests.
  • Business materials to aid problem-solving and the exploration of opportunities.
  • Shared literature and personalised theoretical and practical perspectives.
  • Expert mentoring.
  • Peer support.
  • Independent work (reports, lectures, final thesis).

Programme modules

Module 1: Strategy and Leadership, 2 September 13 December 2024

In this module, we critically explore and evaluate historical and modern approaches to leadership from a strategic perspective. Particular focus is placed on leadership in the middle and top management of large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, and public organisations. You grow your expertise in strategic leadership’s impact on the organisation’s performance.

Module 2: Digitalisation, AI, Deep Tech and Innovation Management, 2 September 13 December 2024

This module looks at digitalisation and the central questions concerning the changes it brings about in organisations. We examine the management of knowledge-intensive work and the creation of new knowledge. We also examine innovation cultures and digital capabilities in organisations. You learn how to build a long-lasting competitive advantage by promoting innovation in a complex global value network.

Module 3: Entrepreneurial Thinking, 13 January – 21 March 2025

This module focuses on entrepreneurial thinking and activities and how they are supported in large companies and organisations through leadership, example, and strategic and decision-making levels. You can assess and develop your leadership skills and strengthen your capabilities as an enabler and promoter of entrepreneurial thinking and activities.


Module 5: Operations Management, 23 March – 12 June 2025

In this module, we discuss the nature of organisations, the role of management, and relations with the external operating environment, all of which are under constant pressure for change. You receive frameworks and insights on the operations of organisations from the perspective of behavioural sciences. You have the chance to clarify your understanding and operating methods in your own professional setting and role as a manager.

Module 4: Creative and Design Thinking, 13 January – 21 March 2025

In this module, we examine design thinking approaches to creativity and innovation in situations where the aim is to create user-oriented products, services, and processes. On the topic of service innovation, we focus on new perspectives on value creation, which emphasise co-creation with users and partners through the active exchange of information.


Module 6: Change and Crisis Management, 23 March – 12 June 2025

In this module, we focus on managing organisations during times of change and crisis by looking at the political, cultural, and ethical dimensions of change. We examine how leaders, managers, and various actors manage change and prepare for crises. You learn how to anticipate the unpredictable and potentially harmful impacts of changes and crises from the perspective of your own role.

Module 7: Brand Management and International Business, 1 September – 12 December 2025

This module delves into strategic brand management in an era where internationalisation is focused on globalising operating environments through the use of the internet, smartphones, and social media. We look at brand and marketing management from the perspective of customer behaviour in both the B2C and B2B sectors, emphasising the critical link between brand management and international marketing.

Module 8: Green and Sustainable Economy, 1 September – 12 December 2025

In this module, we examine responsible decision-making techniques. The main themes include financial impact, sustainability, and ecological thinking in business, particularly from the perspective of preserving non-renewable resources and reducing emissions. We also examine the corporate image from the viewpoint of the economy and profitability and explore the possibilities of utilising financial data in strategic decision-making.

Final thesis

The final thesis brings together all the learning throughout the programme. In each module, a short report of approximately ten pages is prepared, serving as the basis for the final thesis. The final thesis delves into topics such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, change management, brand management and international business, and sustainability. It is written from the perspective of your own company and is worked on for 12 weeks. The work must be submitted no later than 31 May 2026.


According to research, companies who invest in the systematic development of their operations, despite the economic situation, will likely have a head start even after a recession or other exceptional times.

Sometimes, a company’s own expertise is not enough to achieve the necessary development or growth objectives. This is why we have created XaMBA. We know that the best path to growth and development is through cooperation, networking, and collaborative learning. Our programme is based on cooperation between participants and top professionals.

During the programme, you update your leadership competence and advance your company’s future development activities.

XaMBA is aimed at executives (CEO, CCO, CTO), middle management, entrepreneurs, and key personnel in international and development-orientated public or private organisations.


Why XaMBA?

  • We offer a tailor-made leadership development programme.
  • Individually planned learning material supports your professional growth and meets the development needs of your organisation.
  • A company-specific perspective in the learning activities.
  • Studying is practical and flexible.
    • You can complete the programme while working full-time, as the studies require approximately 10 hours a week.
  • The programme lasts 15–18 months.
  • You can learn from international lecturers and instructors from Cambridge.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Create your own international network of experts.
  • Network with Xamk’s business partners and community.
  • Utilise peer learning – develop together with professionals from different fields.

TOP International instructors and networks 

XaMBA allows you to learn from professionals who are part of the world’s most esteemed ecosystem of science, art, and business in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The speakers and instructors are successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, professors, researchers, and experts from sectors such as business, exports, growth, internationalisation, and technology. Many of them have built successful businesses and have a burning desire to share their knowledge and open their networks to participants.


You receive perspectives and tools from top professionals for your development activities. You increase your ability to analyse, organise, and achieve the change you aim for within your organisation. At the same time, you learn to evaluate and report on your progress using the correct indicators.

You learn about market trends and changes, technology, and Generative AI development possibilities and increase your and your company’s future preparedness. During the programme, you can determine what your organisation should and should not invest in, such as scenario planning, strategy development, and identifying international business possibilities.

During the programme, you can utilise the extensive experience of participants and instructors from different educational backgrounds and fields. Networking with other students is always beneficial. You can count on your investment: The strong support from the XaMBA team will help you complete your studies in time.

“During the programme, many participants create several different contacts that can help them build an international network and promote cooperation.”

Dr Jan Storgårds, XaMBA Academic Programme Director, CEO, Entrepreneur, Cambridge Gamechanger ltd.


Dr. Jan Storgårds

XaMBA Academic Programme Director

Ulrika Silversabel

XaMBA Programme Director

Professor Alan Barrell

Professor Stuart Wall

Dr. Gregory O'Shea


If you wish, you can participate in contact teaching in Cambridge several (1-4) times during your studies. In addition to regular teaching, the Cambridge weeks include events, visits, meetings, and unforgettable networking dinners in the wonderful milieu of Cambridge and a world-renowned higher education institution.

You can create personal international networks and learn in an environment that buzzes with distinguished veterans, developers, entrepreneurs, and future talents of the business world.

If you’re aiming for business growth, development, and internationalisation, you can apply for a Business Finland Innovation voucher to support your time in Cambridge. The grant is worth up to 4,500 euros, and the company’s self-financing portion is 1,500 euros. Read more at https://www.businessfinland.fi/en/for-finnish-customers/services/funding/research-and-development/innovation-voucher

Cambridge Weeks (separate payment):

11–15 November 2024
24–28 March 2025
9–13 June 2025
10–14 November 2025

The schedule is determined according to the participants’ needs.


  • XaMBA programme participants = 2,450€ + VAT*
  • External participants = 4,990 € + VAT*

* The price is for one week (Monday to Friday) and does not include travel or accommodation costs. If you’d like recommendations for accommodation, for example, contact us!

“The atmosphere at Cambridge ensures an unforgettable experience. Several Nobel Prize winners and successful growth entrepreneurs have started right here. Thanks to the open atmosphere, even the first visit to Cambridge opens doors and helps participants establish permanent international networks.”

Dr Jan Storgårds

Cambridge itself is an impressive experience. Two world-class universities (the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University) and over 30 science parks have had a significant impact on the development of a business cluster worth billions in a small city of approximately 150,000 people. During your time in Cambridge, you will visit many science parks and meet professionals working there.

“A melting pot of global innovators!”




Familiarise yourself with the Cambridge business and education ecosystem, or ask us for more information.


Participate in the most anticipated executive education programme of 2024 and create your own international network! Contact us, and we’ll get back to you soon. We can map out customisation possibilities based on your own goals.


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