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Bachelor of Engineering, Water Technology and Sustainability

Bachelor of Engineering

Passionate about solving environmental problems such as water scarcity, pollution or disaster?

Do you believe sustainable practices and technologies can make a difference?

If so, our unique and new degree programme, starting in autumn 2025 is for you! 

Join us on a journey where water use, reuse, recycle, and management gets a modern technological twist to embark on a sustainable future! 

Joint application, spring 2025!

Application period 8 January – 22 January 2025.

Tuition fees & scholarships

Bachelor’s degrees 10 700 euros / academic year for students from outside the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.

Full-time studies


Starting places: 20 Length of education: 4 years Upcoming application periods: 8.1.-22.1.2025 Applying and admissions criteria – studyinfo.fi

Degree titles

  • Bachelor of Engineering

Embark on this journey to become an engineer. Your future starts here! 

We combine the study of Water Technology with Sustainability, enabling you to develop innovative solutions to environmental problems using cutting-edge technologies such as Environmental Modeling, Water and Wastewater Management and Treatment, and Remote Sensing. 

You will learn skills like Environmental Sampling and use Laboratory Skills to analyze issues and solutions. You will also be able to develop sustainable resource management and circular economy solutions to water and environmental problems and communicate with data, graphics, and sustainability/scientific reporting. 

Students standing outside a factory.

By the end of the programme, you will have the competence and skills to work in diverse and dynamic workplaces!

  • water technology  
  • circular economy
  • environmental engineering  
  • sustainable development  
  • environmental modeling  
  • data analytics  
  • sustainability  

Why to study Water Technology and Sustainability at Xamk?

Structure of studies

Our degree program is a journey through four main themes covering natural science to specializing in water and environmental monitoring, finding sustainable solutions and modeling the real-world scenarios. 

  • BlueGreen Studies: This is where you dive deep into the world of water and environmental management. You’ll learn about everything from water acquisition to environmental protection and sampling, all with a modern technological twist. 
  • Sustainability Studies: Here, you’ll embrace the power of sustainable practices. You’ll learn about managing resources sustainably and the principles of the circular economy. 
  • Natural Science Studies: This theme is your foundation in the natural sciences. You’ll build your knowledge in areas ranging from chemistry to physics required to explore environmental solutions. 
  • Applied Environmental Studies: This is where you get to apply all the knowledge you’ve gained to real-world environmental challenges through modeling and data analysis. 

We offer a variety of professional optional studies (30 ECTS) that supplement the core study themes. Choose the ones that align with your career goals and interests to customize your learning journey.

In addition, you can also study 30 ECTS worth of optional studies from your own interest, for example from other degree programs of Xamk or courses offered by other Universities.

You can also flexibly complete optional studies from the offerings of our international partner universities during a student exchange. Some example courses are: 

  • Environmental Management: Covering Circular Carbon Management, Ecosystem Restoration, Climate Change, and courses related to Forestry. 
  • Tech & Analysis: Master Advanced GIS, Remote Sensing, and Measurement Techniques. 
  • IT & Entrepreneurship: Dive into IT-related topics and entrepreneurial skills. 

Student stories and articles

Students working in a laboratory.

You have the freedom to create your own study plan and manage your time according to your preferences and needs.!  

The teaching is carried out on-campus in Mikkeli, and it is a day course, meaning you would need to be present in Mikkeli to complete your courses. However, the thesis and practical training components of the program could be completed abroad or in your home country. 

The program is structured into four parts, each representing a study path: Learn, Plan, Act, and Build. This structure allows you to progressively build on your knowledge and skills in water and environmental sciences and apply them to real-world problems with sustainable solutions. 

  • Learn: Gain a solid foundation in learning and identifying water and environmental issues. 
  • Plan: Understand the role of sustainability to plan better viable solutions to these issues. 
  • Act: Use advanced modeling technologies to act towards solving real-world problems. 
  • Build: Test skills in practical trainings and build your project with a personalized thesis to specialize. 

Implementation of studies

Student-oriented flexibility is a key feature of this program. You have the freedom to create your own study plan and manage your time according to your preferences and needs. With a good study plan, you could even complete the degree program in less than four years. Throughout the program, you will receive guidance and support to help you succeed. 

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best water, environmental, and sustainability experts. Your specific project and research interests will also be supported through various study channels, providing a rich and diverse learning experience. 

Learning environments

Our program is designed to provide a practical and hands-on approach to education centered around real assignments. This approach ensures that you gain the skills and experience necessary for a successful career in water technology and sustainability. What we offer as learning environment: 

  • Environmental and Water Laboratory: We have a state-of-the-art environmental and water laboratory where you can perform sophisticated analyses and measurements with modern equipment. This laboratory plays a crucial role in the learning process. 
  • IoT Building Facility: Our IoT building facility provides a space where you can explore and apply the latest technologies in water and environmental sciences. 
  • Computer Labs: We have high-tech computer labs equipped with up-to-date applications and software. Licenses for required software are also provided, ensuring you have all the tools you need for your studies.
  • Field Work: Part of the learning process involves going to the field, taking samples, carrying out analyses, and interpreting the results. We provide standard air, water, and soil sampling equipment for this purpose. 

Virtual tour – Mikkeli Campus 360°

Career opportunities

By the end of the programme, you will have the competence and skills to work in diverse and dynamic workplaces, such as Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Environmental Informatics Companies, Environmental Startups/Companies, Policy Bodies, or on your own clean tech/sustainability venture anywhere in the world.

Students gain practical experience through internships. We also help to find internship positions for students in sectors like Environmental/Water/Sustainability Research and more through our partners, company fairs, and collaborations. Likewise, based on availability students also have the opportunity to participate in research and development work. They can contribute to ongoing research programs at Xamk, enhancing their learning experience. 

Potential career opportunities after completion of this degree: 

  • Water Protection Analyst: Study and propose solutions for water protection and acquisition using sustainable practices. 
  • Wastewater/Water Treatment Engineer: Develop sustainable, viable and modern solutions to treat wastewater/water in the city, industry, office or home scale. 
  • Sustainability Consultant: Advise companies on sustainable practices, and reporting. 
  • Data Engineer: Handle and analyze large sets of environmental and sustainability data. 
  • IoT Specialist for Water/Environmental Applications: Use IoT technologies to monitor and solve water/environment-related issues. 
  • Informatics Specialist: Apply modern technology solutions to water, environmental, and sustainable sciences. 
  • Entrepreneur of Eco-Sustainable Solutions: Start your own venture in the water, environment, or sustainability space. 

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Finland’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world. Education is a strong part of Finnish culture from pre-school years into adulthood.
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Study in Finland

Top 5 reasons to study with us

Top 5 reasons to study with us

Student life

Student life

FAQ – the most frequently asked questions

Finland has two types of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS).

Universities focus on scientific research and education based on it. Universities of applied sciences, on the other hand, offer a pragmatic education that responds to working life needs.

Studies at a university of applied sciences (UAS) focus on professional and practical know-how and skills. The practical experience provided by UAS studies is highly appreciated in many jobs and duties. UAS Bachelor’s level studies also gives you the opportunity to apply for further studies, such as completing a UAS master’s level degree and continuing as far as a doctoral degree. Our bachelor’s degrees always include supervised practical training that gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge learnt in theory into practice. You will become familiar with the duties of your own field in real working environments.

We have over 11 500 students, and we offer 9 Bachelor’s degree programmes in English, 2 Master’s degree programmes in English, open UAS courses, global talent acquisition programmes and summer school courses.

You can also apply for exchange or double degree studies at Xamk.

Are you interested in practical learning? Would you like to study in modern facilities with top-class teachers? Are you attracted to new ways of teaching and learning? If you said yes, Xamk might be just the place for you.
Top 5 reasons to choose Xamk:

1. Finnish education system is one of the best in the world.
2. Excellent programmes with working life orientation
3. Our campuses are located in beautiful Finnish towns close to nature.
4. Best student life – it’s your time to enjoy and create wonderful memories.
5. Responsibility is our strategic choice.

Xamk follows the BOYD policy (Bring Your Own Device) which means that students primarily use their own devices like laptops and smartphones in their studies.

Xamk provides students with recommendations for the required hardware for their studies, and students are responsible for acquiring the devices independently and at their own expense. Teaching is planned and implemented according to these hardware recommendations. In some programs where specialized software is needed that cannot be reasonably used on personal devices, part of the instruction is conducted in the computer labs on campus. Microsoft Office products are available to you for free for your studies.

At Xamk, we support students in all aspects of their studies. You will receive assistance in completing your studies, developing your skills, and maintaining your well-being and ability to study. Our entire staff is dedicated to supporting your well-being.

Support for learning and completing your studies: teachers, internship supervisors, student services, E-campus, and other support services.
Support for skill development and career planning: teachers, student advisors, student well-being specialists, and Xamk support services.
Support for well-being and study ability: study psychologists, student well-being specialists, special education teachers, student health services, tutors, Xamk Sports, the student union Kaakko, and school chaplains.

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Xamk’s campuses are located in Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli, and Savonlinna. Some degree programs are offered entirely online.

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