Navigating the Finnish job market: Insights from Lumon and Eezy personnel

The event consisted of welcome words along with a cup of coffee, short lecture about Finnish working life culture and the company presentation from Lumon. After the presentations, started the round of simulation pitches along with expert advice from Saara and Sanna. In the first round of simulations, participants were divided into groups and given a minute to pitch themselves to Lumon and Eezy. This exercise not only showcased individual strengths but also provided a glimpse into the art of effective self-presentation.

Saara chose three students based on their pitches to continue discussions, highlighting the importance of making a compelling case for oneself. Meanwhile, Sanna offered constructive feedback to the remaining participants, emphasizing the significance of continuous improvement in the competitive job market.

Understanding the Finnish working life culture

Sanna Tukiainen, representing Eezy Personnel, shed light on the unique aspects of Finnish working life culture. From the application process to daily work routines, she provided valuable insights on what to expect when working in a Finnish company. Emphasizing the significance of understanding the collective agreements for the industry, Sanna encouraged participants to delve into the nuances that make Finnish workplaces distinct.

Sanna underscored the importance of analyzing the job ad thoroughly, as someone has already envisioned the ideal candidate. Tailoring your CV to align with the job requirements is crucial, and Sanna urged participants to demonstrate dedication in their applications. The effort you put into your job application will be visible.

Saara Hirsto, Talent Acquisition Manager at Lumon, presented the company’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing the significance of creating a workplace that prioritizes employee wellbeing. Lumon’s culture, characterized by warmth and humanity, offers ample opportunities for growth and personal development.

Navigating the recruitment process

Both Saara and Sanna stressed the importance of preparation in the recruitment process. Saara advised participants to seek out practice questions online, ensuring they are ready for any interview scenario. Additionally, the experts highlighted the significance of asking questions and being aware of the details in the job offer to avoid any surprises.

To further enhance the learning experience, experts conducted a practice round to help students witness pitches from seasoned professionals, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. Saara and Sanna took notes during this session, ultimately selecting three students for interviews based on their performance.

The event provided a comprehensive insight into the intricacies of the Finnish job market, from understanding cultural nuances to crafting a compelling job application and excelling in interviews. The guidance from Sanna Tukiainen and Saara Hirsto, coupled with the practical simulations, offered invaluable lessons for those embarking on their professional journeys. The attending students as aspiring professionals are now better equipped to navigate the Finnish job market, armed with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a competitive landscape.

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