The main aim of the project is to promote international recruitment, particularly in exporting companies of Kymenlaakso region.

International degree students do not often have a professional network to help them to integrate with the Finnish working life and companies in the region after the completion of their studies. This project seeks a solution to the challenges in recruitment from the perspectives of both international students and companies by co-creating together with students and companies a working life path designed, piloted and documented in 2-4 different industries. These paths will contribute to the development of integration of students into Finnish working life and companies in the Kymenlaakso region.

What we do?

  1. Career path design and industry-specific customization
  2. Piloting the working life path
  3. Documentation of the working life path, preparation for implementation and further development

For Companies

  • Benchmarking the already existing working life paths in different regions.
  • Identifying the main elements of the working life path with the HR of the participating companies.
  • Modeling industry-specific working life paths utilizing the elements from Xamk’s internship and thesis processes.
  • Organizing cultural training for participating companies.
  • Supporting participating companies during the working life pilot.

For Students

  • Communicating the working life path to students and including them in training pilots.
  • Training pilot group students in technological skills, Finnish working life and corporate culture.
  • Students’ guided internships and theses in the companies participating in the project.

For further development

  • Feedback discussions with companies and students.
  • Collecting and documenting the experiences of the working life path based on pilots.
  • Completing the career path by co-developing with companies and students.
  • Documenting the working life path, setting it in motion and preparing the next steps of development.

More information

Riku Happonen
Project Manager
044 702 8238

Dr. Mikhail Nemilentsev
Senior Lecturer, Business
040 630 7620

Minna Porvari
RDI Specialist, Creative Industries Research Unit
050 452 4218


International students and young professionals find it difficult to realise themselves, primarily because of fractured personal values. To remain at least as competitive as their peers who were born or have been living in this new environment for a longer period of time, international students need to be very proactive.

Published in Xamk NEXT in June 2023. Written by Dr. Mikhail Nemilentsev, principal lecturer at Xamk and Digital International Business Student Valentin Vlasov, who worked in the Work Life Path project as a trainee.

One of the key factors for the Finnish labour force is to bring new residents to Finland and one of the ways to do this is through international programmes such as at Xamk.

Published in INSIDER, the Student Magazine of Xamk in February 2023. Written by Senior Lecturer Hugh Clack.

It is a common knowledge for staff members that finding a practical training position is very difficult for students who are not native in Finnish.

Published in INSIDER, the Student Magazine of Xamk in January 2023. Written by Project Manager Riku Happonen.

Before I started studying for my bachelor’s degree, I would have never expected that looking for some place to accept my unpaid labour would be one of the most challenging parts of the process, but I’m running ahead of myself.

Published in INSIDER, the Student Magazine of Xamk in January 2023. Written by Digital International Business Student Valentin Vlasov, who worked in the Work Life Path project as a trainee.


Work Life Path with Lumon

Work Life Path addresses the challenges faced by local businesses and international students in recruitment and integration to Finnish professional landscape. A survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce in December 2021 revealed that only 21% of the companies in Kymenlaakso had successfully recruited foreign labor in the past five years. Kymenlaakso is well below...


Work life path - International experts to work

1 January 2023 – 30 June 2025

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Focus areas: Digital economy


Total budget: € 358 445

Financiers and main source of funding: ESF+, Hämeen ELY-keskus

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