Work Life Path with Lumon

A survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce in December 2021 revealed that only 21% of the companies in Kymenlaakso had successfully recruited foreign labor in the past five years. Kymenlaakso is well below the national average of 38% when it comes to recruiting international talents. However, at the same time, companies in Kymenlaakso are struggling with the shortage of talent. Additionally, international degree students lack a professional network that would aid them in finding internship opportunities and in their integration to the Finnish working life after graduation.

The Work Life Path project creates a systematic operating model, the work life path, for the recruiting companies and Xamk’s international students to meet, and successfully recruit these international talents. This responds to the skills shortage that has been recognized in the companies and promotes the integration of students into Finnish society and working life.


The first work life path with Lumon piloted this summer as our Digital International Business student Rushitha Fonseka had his internship with the company. The development of the work life path model continues based on the experiences gathered during the summer.

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