want to join the startup scene?

Here you can find information about activities around entrepreneurship for students in Xamk campuses.

Thinking about your own business idea? Do you want to be around like-minded people? Do you want to know what’s happening in the Kymenlaakso startup scene? Xamk students can develop their own skills and business ideas during their studies.

In Xamk, various projects arrange events and smaller happenings around entrepreneurship. You can find more information about startup-related projects in Xamk at the bottom of the page.



Innovation and entrepreneurship studies in English

Spring 2021
MO00DB96-3003 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Marketing 5 cr, 18.1.-31.3.

Summer 2021
MO00DB96-3004 Entrepreneurship and small business marketing 5 cr, 3.5.-31.7.,
ECampus MO00DS40-3022 From idea to innovation 5 cr, 3.5.-31.7.,
ECampus MO00DP01-3004 Innovation management in the digital age 5 cr, 3.5 .-31.7., ECampus

Autumn 2021
MO00AA08-3038 From idea to innovation 5 cr, 13.9.-31.12, Kouvola Campus


More information
Minna Lehesvuori [at] xamk.fi, phone: 044 7028 512

Business Cafe

Business Cafe offers a meeting place for all students in Xamk who are interested in innovation activities and entrepreneurship. In Business Cafe we ​​share info about:

  • innovation and entrepreneurship studies
  • the RDI activities
  • entrepreneurship themed events
  • the activities of the student entrepreneurship community (PatteriES)
  • project cooperation.

Business Cafe is involved in the entrepreneurship events of the campuses. Based on the student survey there is a demand for expert lectures related to entrepreneurship and entrepreuner stories, among other things.

Kotka & Kouvola are hosting a Virtual Business Cafe via Teams. You can join a business cafe and ask any questions or hints regarding entrepreneurship. You can join us at the Business Cafe Teams channel.

Mikkeli and Savonlinna are hosting a Virtual Business Cafe via Adobe Connect every Wednesday at 9-11 am until April 21.  You can join us here. See you at the Business Cafe! Make your ideas happen! The

Activities for you

Patteri Entrepreneurship Society
PatteriES , radiator Entrepreneurship Society
PatteriES is a student-led entrepreneurship in society Xamk. Radiators connects students to regional working life, arranging various events and networking opportunities. Patteri works closely with entrepreneurial projects in Xamk as well as regional organizations.


Laura Häkkinen, Project manager
laura.hakkinen [at] xamk.fi
050 468 8082

*ship is a startup accelerator event that aims to provide a vibrant platform for pre- and early stage startups to develop their businesses. Annually held in Kotka, *ship Startup Festival is the biggest startup event in South-East Finland. We are hosting 50 potential startups, 30 leading mentors and up to 400 entrepreneurial visitors. The event is held on 13.-14.8. in Maritime Centre Vellamo.


Laura Häkkinen, Project manager
050 468 8082


The Xamk Startup Fund & Xamk Proto Studio Development Fund is managed by the Otsakorpi Foundation, Xamk and PatteriES. The purpose of the fund is to support student entrepreneurship, student-run startups, and students’ projects. Grants are given to students and student teams in the range of 250-1000 euros, which are intended for testing and development of the idea.

Grants are given based on written applications. The application periods will be announced after the funding is confirmed.

Criteria for funding are:

  • The applicant is a student in Xamk or the team has other ties to Xamk
  • The idea is new, interesting, and viable
  • The team is committed to developing the idea
  • Clarity of application and a description of how the grant would be used

More information:
Xamk Startup Fund: Minna Lehesvuori
Emails: firstname.lastname@xamk.fi


Forehead Foundation Xamk and PatteriES logo

Startup Fund VII application period:
The 7th application period is open from 18.10. to 17.11.


All accepted recipients of the Grants will be published on the PatteriES website and social media. We will notify in person all contact persons in the application.

All materials are treated confidentially. No details of the idea will be shared with third parties.

Fill your application at https://forms.gle/2P621J1F8pCFzUA18

PS. projects that have developed well can apply for extra funding on other application rounds. The maximum funding for one project can be 3000 € in total.

More information here.


Green Future Hackathon 4.-6.2.2021

The XAMK Green Future Hackathon is an accessible, online 48-hour sprint for everyone interested in innovation and helping to boost Kymenlaakso!

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Related events can be found here, but not all events are posted on this site. Check out the FIN site to see more by changing the site language in the top right corner. www.xamk.fi/startup





Johanna Koponen, 040 487 511
Maisa Kantanen, 040 569 7899

Email: businesscafe@xamk.fi


Virtual Business Cafe via Teams. You can join us at the Business Cafe Teams channel.

Xlab Kotka –cowork and multifunctional space offers office space for students and staff. Xlab Kotka is available for student on weekdays from 9am to 4pm. More information about Xlab Kotka at www.xlabkotka.fi

Address: Xlab Kotka, Kirkkokatu 20, 48100 Kotka




Project Manager

maarit.vahvanen [at] xamk.fi

044 702 8428



Project Manager

laura.hakkinen [at] xamk.fi

050 468 8082


Virtual Business Cafe via Teams. You can join us at the Business Cafe Teams channel.




Development Manager

go.lehesvuori [at] xamk.fi

044 702 8512


More information later.

Entrepreneurial studies

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Project Manager

maarit.vahvanen [at] xamk.fi

044 702 8428


Entrepreneurial studies


044 702 8576


Development Manager


044 702 8512

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