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  • study places 30
  • location Kotka, Finland
  • duration of studies 4 years
  • next application period 28.8.-11.9.2024
  • Tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland is 10 700 euros/academic year. Scholarship scheme and further information www.xamk.fi/tuition-fees

Be part of pioneering the advancements in the gaming industry

Are you eager to be part of pioneering the new potential of the gaming industry? Beyond game development, game technology now find utility across diverse sectors such as film, television, and simulations. 

Game engines, the core software used to create and develop video games, are now being employed beyond their traditional domain. In the realm of film and television production, game engines are being utilized to create more immersive and visually captivating content. They enable real-time rendering of high-quality 3D graphics, which significantly enhances the visual effects and animations in these productions. In the field of simulations, whether for training purposes in industries such as aviation and healthcare, or for research in scientific disciplines, game engines offer realistic, interactive, and dynamic environments that can mimic real-world or hypothetical scenarios with impressive accuracy. 

The content of the Game Technology engineering degree is developed in close collaboration with professionals working in the gaming industry and companies and communities utilizing game technologies on their products. As game technology and the gaming industry are constantly evolving, acquiring new knowledge is crucial for engineers specializing in game technology. 

Utilizing game technologies requires strong technical skills such as programming and leveraging various interfaces. It also requires creativity and courage to try new methods. Technologies familiar from games are utilized in different sectors to provide users with new types of content in both traditional and interactive media. 

Upon completing these engineering studies, you will be able to utilize the latest game technologies to design, test, and implement gaming and utility applications. You will understand the user and be able to consider their habits when implementing products utilizing new technologies. During the studies, you will also acquire comprehensive knowledge of general engineering skills.  

Through project-based education, you will develop your skills in collaboration with companies and experts in the gaming industry. You are also able to develop and publish your own game or utility applications, ensuring you have a portfolio that best represents your skills.  

English is predominantly used as the working language in the gaming industry and almost all materials are produced in English. The teaching materials in this degree programme are based on international industry-validated sources. 

International events and networking are essential parts of the gaming industry culture and our degree programme supports this by enabling students to participate in various gaming industry events. 

game development | game industry | game production | game testing | problem solving | project work | ICT

Structure of studies

After completing your studies in game technology engineering, you will be able to design, test, and implement a gaming product or utility application that incorporates the latest industry practices and techniques. You’ll have opportunities to engage in real-world assignments or develop your project studies. 

  • During your first year of study, you gain comprehensive knowledge of gaming industry operations. You learn to understand the game development cycle of a game or an application production. You learn to showcase your own skills and create your first published application utilizing game technologies. You begin expanding your portfolio from the start of your studies. 
  • In your second year, you expand your expertise in traditional engineering skills, grasp the importance of design and testing, and learn how a game or program evolves from a concept to a finished product. You learn to understand the significance of user experience and have the chance to utilize various game technology products, enhancing your design capabilities. Your portfolio will expand through project-based studies and products developed during the different courses.
  • The third and fourth years of your studies focus on project work, specifically on the development of games or utility applications. You apply your accumulated knowledge in designing user-friendly and immersive products from conception to release. Over the final two years of your studies, you refine your portfolio, which will support your employment prospects. You also prepare a thesis demonstrating your readiness to enter your career path. 

During your studies, you can participate in varied work projects. These projects are initiated based on the needs of the business world, providing you with valuable workplace experience. A well-executed work project often leads to employment opportunities! 

Practical training (30 ECTS credits) promotes your professional growth and supports your path to the game industry. 

The Game Technology programme is conducted in English, as the gaming industry is global, providing ample opportunity to enhance your language skills. Throughout your studies, you have the chance to build strong national and international networks. A key factor in the success of the gaming industry is its open culture and communities. During your studies, you have opportunities to participate in several gaming industry events both nationally and internationally. 

The complementary competence studies serve as a vital component in broadening your skill set for effective participation in game development. You can study courses that support the shaping of your personal career path. 

Implementation of studies

The studies in Game Technology are full-time studies. You will study at the new Kotka campus. The lectures and project work are from Monday to Friday. Full-time studies offer you valuable peer support and the opportunity to network with other game development students. 

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

According to Xamk’s BYOD policy new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus. However,  many IT courses are carried out in our modern computer classrooms with all the special hardware and applications needed. More information is available on Xamk website.

UAS PATHWAY - Your bridge to Finnish higher education

The UAS Pathway Studies to Finland program, provided by the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland, offers applicants a convenient way to gain access to apply to degree programs in Finland. In the UAS Pathway program you study the first year online from your home country.

The UAS Pathway studies are ideal for those interested in pursuing Bachelor´s degrees in Information Technology or Game Technology.

NOW it is time to apply to UAS Pathway programs. Online application is open from April 1 to August 9, 2024

Read all about it and apply!

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Career opportunities and learning environment

Your employment is important to us

It’s possible for you to find employment during your studies. You can work in companies and publish commercial gaming products or utility applications during your studies. Xamk’s Gamelab learning environment allows you to integrate work into your studies. This means that you can work in the gaming industry and earn credits for agreed-upon tasks with the company. 

If you see yourself as a new entrepreneur in the gaming industry, you can promote entrepreneurship in your studies. This allows you to develop and publish your own gaming products from the get-go.

Your career opportunities can be 

  • Game Developer 
  • Technical Artist 
  • Front-End Developer 
  • UI/UX Developer 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Developer 
  • Programmer 
  • Software Developer 
  • Game Audio or Sound Engineer 
  • Game Producer 
  • IT Consultant 
  • Entrepreneur in Game Industry 
  • Startup Entrepreneur 
  • Freelancer 


The Gamelab learning environment provides a modern workspace with efficient and constantly evolving tools, allowing you to develop your ideas propelled by the latest technologies. We utilize the same tools for work as game industry companies.

Gamelab is actively involved in various gaming industry networks, including Neogames and IGDA Finland Kymenlaakso Hub. We maintain continuous collaboration with the gaming industry and software companies.

Gamelab serves as the hub of our education, where students come together regardless of their year of study. In this space, we work on project-based real game and application productions. Community is one of the pride points of our education. Our alumni actively participate in events and our Discord game study communities. Community spirit is also evident in active participation in various Game Jam events, which are a natural part of your studies.


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