Our aim is to promote the renewal and resilience of working life through knowledge and competence-building. Our operations started in the autumn of 2022.


We define the objectives and solutions in close cooperation with working life, taking into account future competence needs and foresight information.


Continuous learning is a key for developing the ability to change  as well as the skills and competences needed in working life. We need new innovations for work-based learning.

Road map towards a new working life

1 Working life in a continuous learning ecosystem

We are reforming university – workplace collaboration models and producing RDI solutions for learning-oriented work communities. The needs arise from working life and are jointly resolved by developing solutions, and making use of available regional, national and international project funding.

Key thematic areas:

  • Responsible competence vision
  • Identification and anticipation of skills and development needs
  • Flexible solutions for continuous learning


2 The diversity of working communities and good working life

We promote the development of good working life by utilizing various project funds and consortia.

Key thematic areas:

  • Diversity as a resource for working communities
  • Work ability, communities and ways of working
  • The future of work

3 Future higher education, guidance and student well-being

We are developing future higher education as part of international, national and regional networks in both research and development activities.

Key thematic areas

  • Recognition and assessment of prior learning
  • Micro-credentials
  • Guidance


Positive student well-being leads to  prosperous future professionals. We promote the development of student well-being in cooperation with the Student Union Kaakko, among others.

Key thematic area:

  • Student well-being




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On-going projects

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