The renewed service has been opened

The user experience of the renewed site has been improved by designing content paths tailored for different customer and stakeholder groups. The site offers easily accessible information tailored to target groups about various educational options, research and development activities, services, news, and events.

  • The site serves, among others, those aiming for a higher education degree and open university students, companies and communities interested in development and collaboration, as well as our various stakeholders and partners, such as decision-makers and the media. Information about different user groups has been collected through interviews and by mapping purchasing or decision-making motives, says Communications and Marketing Manager Tiivi Pukkila-Nupponen.

In the renewal, we also created our own newsroom, which serves as the home base for all current content. The newsroom covers media releases, expert articles, employee and student experience stories, and events.

A new personnel search and contact cards for Xamk members are part of the service, and the contact cards can be easily featured on different pages and content sections.

  • The navigation of the redesigned site’s user interface is clearer and more intuitive. It is also responsive on all devices. From the very beginning, the guiding principle of the renewal has also been the accessibility of the site, states Digital Communication and Marketing Specialist Ville Kupila.

A wide range of experts from different fields have been involved in the development of the new site. The website development project started at the beginning of 2023 and began with defining customer personas and content paths. Myynninmaailma assisted in the content development. North Patrol Oy was a partner in the requirement specification and procurement competition.

WordPress Gutenberg was chosen as the content management system, offering versatile creative solutions for content production needs. The advertising agency Ilme was responsible for the user interface design and the visual appearance of the site. The imagery was renewed, among other things, by producing brand images for the main menus with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Hion Digital Oy is responsible for the technical implementation and continuous development of the site.

Xamk’s communication and marketing services are responsible for the renewal and continuous development of the service. Several dozen Xamk members are involved in the content production team.

The site development continues, and in the fall of 2024, we will build a marketing automation solution and develop the site’s analytics tools.

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