Courage and curiosity. The will to discover, understand and learn, and to go all in for a better future. We at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk – share an attitude and a mindset. We work to support you when you define a new era of professionals. Because the best way to know tomorrow is to create it yourself.

All for the future

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk – is an institute of higher education which focuses on

  • wellbeing,
  • technology and
  • creative industries.

Xamk – builds, researches and develops the working life of tomorrow with the strength of four campuses in the South Savo and Kymenlaakso regions in Finland, and with the help of a global network of friends and partners.

The Forest, the Environment and Energy, Logistics and Seafaring, Digital Economy and Sustainable Wellbeing. These are the cornerstones of Xamk’s research, development and innovation activities. With 250 annually ongoing projects, we make an impact regionally, nationally and internationally.

Life is a constant learning experience. We offer individual learning tracks and develop digital environments and technical pedagogical solutions to enhance learning irrespective of time and place. Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences is the largest and most popular Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

We at Xamk believe in equality, equal opportunities and fairness. We care for each other and we care for the environment. We make our mark where it’s needed the most. Do you?

Facts about Xamk

  • 9480 students
  • 850 employees
  • 1700 graduates per year
  • 74 Degree Programmes
  • There are campuses in four towns: Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna
  • 350 partner institutions around the world
  • Second largest UAS in Finland in terms of budget; annual turnover EUR 70 million
  • 63 million euros total volume of research funding
  • 15 million euros external RDI funding
  • Versatile services
  • president and CEO Heikki Saastamoinen

Get to know us

Key facts and figures

Strategy - our vision 2030

Xamk grows and develops, attracting students and expertise to the region and creating new entrepreneurship. We make responsible choices.

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Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2019

The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2019 describes the results of Xamk’s responsibility work. 2019 was Xamk’s second year of responsibility reporting. We want to introduce reponsibility into our everyday life – work and study alike.

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An exceptional education

Study opportunities for international students.

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Research, development and innovation

Xamk is a strong implementer of RDI activities and it is currently Finland’s largest UAS in the field of RDI, based on external financing alone.

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International activities

International activities promote students’ ability to work in international and  multicultural environments.  We receive approximately 600 international students each year, representing over 60 countries.  Students can study a whole degree or parts of  them in English. Five bachelor’s degree programmes and three master’s degree programmes are taught fully in English.

Xamk’s international networks provide access to studies and work placements abroad.  Xamk has approximately 350 partner schools.

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Campuses in four towns

Xamk has four modern campuses located in Kymenlaakso end Southern Savonia regions. Campuses are  conveniently located in the town centre or nearby.

The range of services on campus is wide: restaurants, cafés, libraries, indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities, as well as services to promote studying and student well-being.

The learning environments – classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, workshops, etc. – are modern and comfortable. In addition to providing education, all campuses engage in a diverse range of research and development activities and provide services.

Safety is important at Xamk – get to know safety-guick guide.


Work with us

For business, organisations and companies

Xamk provides companies, individual people and organisations with a wide range of expert, meeting and restaurant services as well as continuing education services. In addition, the range of services includes the high-quality facilities and devices of Xamk’s laboratories.

Services we offer:

  • Laboratory and studio services
  • Analysis, measurement and testing services
  • Trainees and project employees
  • Tailored training and expert services for workplaces
  • Conference and restaurant services

Let a student help you

Companies can also benefit from the skills of the university of applied sciences students by hiring a trainee or a student who can do their thesis on a topic relevant to the company. At present time, approximately 9,300 students are completing their studies at Xamk, and the varied skills and know-how of these students are offered to companies and organisations.

Our students can be assigned with projects, commissioned to conduct a thesis study or instructed to perform various tasks as part of their mandatory practical training.

Are you looking for interns or employees?

You can post job ads free of charge via Xamk Duuni service. View students’ applications and contact them. Xamk Duuni matches jobs and job seekers based on skills, competencies and personal interests.

– Create a company account on Xamk Duuni service. Your profile will be shortly confirmed.

– Post a job ad and find yourself a worker.

– Remove the ad when it is no longer valid.

Students to contribute to the development of businesses

Students of Xamk cooperate with the world of work in various ways.

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RDI Service units

  • FiberLaboratory – biotechnology innovation centre
  • Juvenia – youth research and development centre
  • KymiLabs – testing of concrete, emission measurement, CE marking
  • Mikpolis – material and manufacturing technique testing and research services
  • NELI – professional expert services in logistics
  • Small Business Center – wide-ranging promotion of entrepreneurship

For alumni

Have you graduated from Xamk? Join our almuni community! Alumni activities mean long lasting cooperation between the university and its students. An alumna will be a part of a large network which can be useful and fun from the professional and free time of view.

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Our partners

Xamk has collaboration with universities, universities of applied sciences, different education partners and institutions in Finland and around the world. This collaboration covers for example co-operation, student exchange and research.

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Aalto University and Xamk engage in strategic collaboration

The objective is to increase the number of flexible study paths and to contribute to the emergence of innovations.

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All for the future

Quality and assessment

Xamk constantly develops the quality of education, RDI activities, business services and support services based on the user and customer feedback we receive.

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You can read about know-how of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences in our publication series.

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Pedagogical development programme 2018-2022

Due to the ongoing changes in the world of work, some traditional jobs will disappear while news jobs will emerge. Also, the description of many of the remaining jobs will change. In the future labour market, critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity will be increasingly important assets which are developed through pedagogical choices in cooperation with organisations and companies.

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