Xamk is an institute of higher education with focus on

  • wellbeing
  • technology and
  • creative industries.

In all our activities, we promote social, economic, cultural and ecological sustainability.

We increase local vitality and wellbeing, promote innovation, create new business and solve problems. We are prepared for tomorrow: we constantly revise our modes of operation and contents of curricula, and we are not afraid of discarding old ways of doing things.



Xamk is an institute of higher education that significantly contributes to the developent of South-Eastern Finland. Xamk organises higher education aiming to meet the demand for  professionals in local communities and, more generally, in society.

In our mission, the spheres of education, research, development and innovation that will renew local working life and economic structures. Xamk aims to promote life-long learning and entrepreneurship.


Xamk is an international institute of higher education with the whole world as its campus. We are a significant research and development unit.



We are reliable

  • In our operations, we emphasise trust and respect. Our mode of operation is safe and fair. We carry the responsibility for
    completing our duties.

We promote social interaction

  • We are a functioning community of higher education.
  • Our operation is focused on the students.

We lead the way

  • We educate the professionals of tomorrow.
  • We want to prosper.
  • We create wealth around us.

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Strategy 2018-2030

Objective 2022

  • Xamk achieves success as a university of applied sciences. Among other universities of applied sciences, we particularly distinguish ourselves in the
    quality and relevance of education, as well as with our RDI and international activity.
  • We are capable of identifying internationally perspective activities in our operation.
  • We promote flexible operations and structures, and are capable of change.
  • With reference to the education and training provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture, we are constantly among the top five in Finland in terms of student satisfaction, progress of studies and graduates’ employment rate.
  • In terms of RDI and open university education, we are the largest in Finland.
  • We are a strong international operator, and our cooperation with carefully selected institutes of higher education in Europe, North-Western Russia and China creates added value for Xamk and local communities.
  • We strongly cooperate with national businesses, the public sector, universities of applied sciences and scientific universities.

In order to achieve our objectives, we must prove ourselves as an attractive institute of higher education for staff, students and partner organisations.

We respect our staff and provide them with development opportunities.

Our campuses are safe and promote social interaction and international contacts. Our university of applied sciences is well-known in Finland and abroad.

Strategic management and steering are based on data which is systematically produced by quality assurance.

Strategic spearheads

Future-oriented learning

The whole world as a campus. We are guided by the concept of education and research independent of time and place. We facilitate the identification of future professions and prepare our students for it.

We encourage pioneering ideas and aim to inspire curiosity, learning and research.

International activity

Our international partnerships provide a vast network for education and RDI cooperation, as well as for student and teacher exchange. We recognise the significance of European as well as emerging economies.

The international aspect is a natural part of the students’ and staff’s activities.


RDI activities that meet high international standards are an essential aspect of the national influence our institute of higher education has. Our RDI activities correspond to the needs of local industries and working life.

We create competence and competitive edge. We create new jobs and keep and develop old ones. By doing this, we contribute to local development.

Our RDI activities and teaching support each other by creating cooperation, data transfer and operational preconditions.

Interdisciplinary themes

  • Digitalisation, entrepreneurship and business competence, and Russia cooperation are part of all our operations. Xamk is a pioneering Finnish university of applied sciences in the field of digitalisation. We comprehensively integrate digital structures, robotisation and artificial intelligence into our operation and degree programmes in order to promote local development and competitive edge.
  • We promote entrepreneurial approaches and encourage and prepare our students for entrepreneurship and business-oriented thinking.
  • We understand Russian culture and are capable of benefiting from our location near Russia. We have the strongest practical competence in Russia cooperation among the Finnish institutes of higher education.
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