Direct application to Xamk Nursing programme has ended

Thank you for applying! Please see the next steps on our applying webpage.

The Degree Programme in Nursing gives you an opportunity to study both nursing and Finnish language! The degree gives qualifications in accordance with EU directives, which enables you to seek a career in interesting and demanding duties both nationally and internationally.


Bachelor Degree programmes in English

We have over 11 500 students, and we offer over 40 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 5 of them are in English. Studies at a university of applied sciences (UAS) focus on professional and practical know-how and skills.

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Master School

Master School is a learning community for Master’s degree students at Xamk. It provides you with the opportunity to build the career path of your choice and expand your professional network.

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Xamk is part of the European University INGENIUM

The European University INGENIUM consists of eight universities and two universities of applied sciences. Xamk is the only Finnish higher education institution to participate in INGENIUM.

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Discover why you should study with us!

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Bachelor's degree programmes

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Master's degree programmes

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Micro Courses offer a convenient and quick way to recharge
your knowhow and skills online − according to your own timetable.
There are courses available from different fields of study,
and completing a course successfully results in a certificate.

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Xamk Pulse Open University of Applied Sciences

Xamk Pulse is the largest and most popular Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

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Examples of Pulses studies


Free online studies!

Enrollment: ongoing and open for registrations.


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Our vision

Xamk is an international institute of higher education with the whole world as its campus. We are a significant research and development unit.

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Quality and Evaluation

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Research and Development

As a research and development organisation, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is focused on enhancing the vitality of its region of operations. The goal is to promote business, expertise and competitiveness in the region, and generate novel national and international innovations.

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Kotka Campus

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Kouvola Campus

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Mikkeli Campus

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Savonlinna Campus

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