Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about applying to Xamk degree programmes:

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Degree programmes offered at Xamk

Xamk offers six bachelor’s degree programmes in English:

There are three master’s degree programmes in English available:

Bachelor’s programmes in Environmental Engineering and Wellbeing Management are mostly delivered online. In Environmental Engineering, the second study year requires presence on the Xamk campus in Mikkeli. The second year studies in Wellbeing Management include 1-2 contact days in Mikkeli per semester.

Master’s study programme in Naprapathy is mostly delivered online. Including a few contact days located in Kotka and Stockholm. Rehabilitation studies are delivered fully online.

Also, all other degree programmes at Xamk include online studies but they cannot be completed without some presence on campus.

Short-term online courses in English are offered through Xamk Open UAS.

Eligibility for studies

International students are welcome apply for the study programmes when they meet the eligibility requirement described on our website.

You can apply for the bachelor’s studies with upper secondary school level qualification that provides eligibility for higher education studies in the country in question. You also meet the eligibility requirement with your prior bachelor’s or master’s degree.

For the master’s studies you need a suitable higher education degree and at least 2 years of subsequent work experience in the relevant field. Only work experience obtained after completing the higher education degree can be considered: the work experience can be accumulated from the date of award of the higher education degree and obtained no later than 31 July (spring application) / 31 December (autumn application) in the year of applying.

If you are graduating during the application process, you can apply with a temporary certificate. Your qualification needs to be completed in time for you to upload a copy of the final certificate to your application form on by a given deadline (January application: mid-July, September application: beginning of December).

Please note that if you are under 18 years old when you start the studies in Finland, you are legally a minor and you can’t for example make a rental agreement for accommodation, electricity contract or open a bank account by yourself. Therefore, life in Finland as a minor student without parents can be very challenging.


To transfer from your current university to Xamk, you should apply for a study place using the regular application procedure (Joint Application). If you are admitted, you benefit from your prior university level studies in terms of credit transfer that you can apply in the beginning of studies.

Applying and admission results

You submit the application form online at during the application period. In addition, you attach the required documents to the application form in electronic form (scan or photo of the document) by a set deadline.

In the joint application to higher education in Finland, you can use the same application form for applying to 1-6 study programmes in different Finnish higher education institutions.

The main application period is in January for studies beginning in August. In addition, some programmes open an application in September for studies beginning in January.

The higher education institutions in Finland publish admission results gradually according to their own schedules. Generally, all results in joint application in spring are published by the beginning of June and in the joint application in autumn by the end of November at the latest.

When you are offered a study place at Xamk, you will be notified of the admission by email. In Joint Application, all applicants receive a notice of result by email when all results have been published. The notice includes information on the result and points in student selection for all study programmes you applied to.

Required documents

Many qualifications completed in Finland (Matriculation Examination, vocational qualifications from recent years) are verified electronically from a national database, KOSKI service. A copy of the certificate is required on the application form for those qualifications that cannot be verified electronically.

If your qualification has been completed outside Finland, please upload a copy of your final qualification certificate to the application form. A temporary certificate can be used if you graduate during the application process.

In addition work certificates are required from all applicants for master’s studies and a document exempting from tuition fees, if applicable.

When the original document is not written in English, Finnish or Swedish, you always need to attach a copy of an official translation of the document as well.

You don’t need any certificate about your English language skills when applying. Your language skills are either evaluated in the student selection process (entrance exam/pre-task). All applicants must pass the language skill evaluation in order to qualify for admission.

Prior Finnish language skills are not required when applying to Xamk degree programmes.

No, it is not necessary. It is enough to upload the document copies to your application form. If you are admitted to study, you may be required to present the original documents at the beginning of your studies.

Entrance examinations

If the students for the degree programme you apply to are selected on the basis of the entrance examination, you need to take part in it.

The entry exams are organized online for most study programmes.

In case the entrance examination is based on pre-reading material or pre-tasks, you will be notified of them in the invitation letter. In addition, information is available on our website already during the application period.

The International UAS Exam used in many Bachelor’s programmes does not include any pre-material or pre-tasks. Information about this exam can be found at

Previous years’ entrance examinations or sample questions are not available for applicants, unfortunately.

For the January application round the examinations are organized during February-March and for the September application round in October-November.

Time for the exam is usually fixed and cannot be changed.

Many entrance exams are organised online and do not require travelling. If the study programme you apply to offers more than one examination location, you may select the examination location most convenient for you on the application form. It’s good to check the locations available from the UAS website before applying.

Fees and scholarships

For students from EU/EEA countries, the studies are offered free of charge. Tuition fees concern students from outside the EU/EEA and are 9 700 euro / academic year in bachelor’s degree programmes and 11 500 euro / academic year in master’s degree programmes. Students liable to pay tuition fees may qualify for scholarships during their studies. The scholarship scheme is mainly based on good study progress. More information is here.

The possibility for scholarships during studies is offered for students who are liable to pay tuition fees for their studies. The Early Bird scholarship is a 50% discount on the tuition fee for the first study year. Scholarships for other study years are based on study progress. The student can get 50% of the paid tuition fee back by progressing in the studies well.

In Bachelor’s studies, you are also rewarded for studies in the Finnish language and culture. If you reach the intermediate proficiency level (B1) in the Finnish language during your studies, you can get a scholarship upon graduation that is worth 5 000 euros.


The deadline for paying the tuition fee for the first study year is the deadline for accepting the offer of admission. For other study years, the fee is to be paid by the end of the previous academic year, 31 July. Please note that there are separate deadlines for the Early Bird scholarship.

According to Xamk policy, the paid tuition fee can only be refunded in the following cases:

  • a residence permit for the studies on campus is not granted
  • student receives a document that exempts one from the tuition fee during autumn semester, in this case the fee paid for the spring semester is refunded.
  • student’s enrolment status is changed to non-attendant after paying the fee but before enrolment deadline
  • student graduates during the autumn semester of the last study year after paying the fee for the whole year, in this case the fee paid for the spring semester is refunded.

Documents stating that a student is not liable to pay tuition fees must be valid when the semester starts on 1 January or 1 August. If your document is valid e.g. until March 2023, you are not liable to pay the tuition fee for the spring semester 2023.

You need to submit the document copy to Xamk Admission Services by the deadline for accepting the offer of admission at Xamk and be prepared to show the original document when starting your studies.

Visa/Residence permit for studies

If you come to Finland from outside the EU for more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit. Since the studies leading to a degree last from 3,5 to 4 years, a residence permit is generally required. Residence permits for studies are issued by the Finnish Immigration Service.

Please note that online studies are not grounds for a student residence permit in Finland. Also, a residence permit for part-time studies may not be granted, as there are only some contact lesson days per month. In case the residence permit is not granted, the student may apply for a travel visa for the contact lesson days.

Student housing

Generally, the higher education institutions in Finland do not provide housing for students. The students may find housing from the private rent market but often the most convenient way to find accommodation for students from outside Finland is through the local student housing organisations. Please see further information about student housing in Xamk campus towns:


Most of the student residences have basic furniture including a bed, desk, chair, and table and benches in the kitchen. Students often make use of all the second-hand shops available for other things they will need: mattress, pillow, blanket, dishes etc.

Please note that if you are under 18 years old when you start the studies in Finland, you are legally a minor and you can’t for example make a rental agreement for accommodation, electricity contract or open a bank account by yourself.