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  • Do you want like-minded people around you?
  • Do you want to develop your skills in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment?
  • Do you have a potential business idea in mind?
  • Are you interested to see what’s happening in the Kymenlaakso and Etelä-Savo startup field?


In Xamk you have the opportunity to:

develop your own individual skills and refine your ideas already during your studies. You can also join our community without your own business idea and work as a team with other like-minded people. In Xamk we organize all kinds of events and projects regarding entrepreneurship of which many also find inspiration for their future as well as training opportunities. You can speed up your studies by participating in or creating an entrepreneurial themed experiencesand by studying directly our entrepreneurship studies. Xentre and RDI units also offer numerous opportunities to develop ideas and entrepreneurial skills.


*ship akatemia studies

Learn and experience entrepreneurship

Want to develop your business idea as a part of your studies? Build your own entrepreneurship track trough Xentres entrepreneurship studies and projects. These studies are open to all students regardless of your degree! While studying you have for example the chance to develop your business idea or test your business in practice.

Entrepreneurship studies offer practical ways to develop your own business already while studying. They can be completed alone or you can also develop business activity together with a team. We offer a wide range of studies:

- Nonstop online courses
- Learning by doing (runing a testcompany and customer projects)
- New courses for 2024
- Optional courses
- Bachelor-level studies

Info for Xamk students

Work life cooperation and projects

Close cooperation with workplaces constitutes an important part of each degree programme. Cooperation with workplaces means that we engage in various forms of collaboration with local companies and organisations. In addition to work placements and thesis work, students work on real-life assignments and development projects as part of their studies.

Besides earning credits, you have the opportunity to network with local companies. These contacts are very useful for you after graduation as references and evidence of work experience.

More info also from:
Laura Häkkinen, Alumni and Business Relations Coordinator
Tel. 050 468 8082 / laura.hakkinen@xamk.fi

info for Xamk students



Startup Hotline

"Helpdesk -service for students interested in entrepreneurship and on their early stage businessidea development. We offer tips regarding upcoming entrepreneurial events and studies. You`ll also hear how we support entrepreneurship at Xamk.

To reach out, you can fill the following contact form. We will be happy to help you in anything entrepreneurial related.

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Entrepreneurship path's


Startup Fund and invention rewards


Xamk Startup Fund is Xamk’s student entrepreneurship grant that is coordinated by Xamk’s Xentre Unit. Private investors can also focus their grants towards student entrepreneurs trough this possibility. Student entrepreneurship society PatteriES is strongly involved with this activity. Xamk Startup Fund shares “one time” grants with the value of 250 — 1000€ for startups and student teams to develop promising ideas. Applicants can be individual students or teams. Xamk Startup Fund grants will be approved based on applications. The application deadlines will be announced annually.


The Funding criteria are:
  • That the applicant is a student of Xamk or the applicant team is connected to Xamk.
  • The idea is new, interesting and it has business potential.
  • The team or individual applicant is committed to develop the idea.
  • The application is clear and it describes how our funding will be used.



The Application period is now closed. Applicants will be informed personally.

By sending the application form I therefore certify that the information I have given are correct. I commit to use the funds given to me for the development of my presented business idea and to also report of its progress to Xamk. All applicants who have been granted the fund will be personally informed.  All material will be processed with confidentially and additional information regarding ideas will not be published.

Attention! Well advanced ideas can apply for Xamk Startup Fund also on our next application rounds. Meaning you can apply for 3000€  grant in total.

More information:
Development Manager Minna Lehesvuori
minna.lehesvuori@xamk.fi / 044 702 8512


Students can receive a reward for their inventions and ideas at Xamk!

By inventions we mean new devices, solutions, process or modes of operation that can be protected by a patent. For an invention to patented, it must be new, inventional and industrially utilizable.

If you have this kind of an invention in mind, you can make a notice for Xamk’s innovation group. The group will confidentially process your notice. Also, please remember not to reveal your invention publicly so that its novelty and likability to gain a patent will remain. Inventions that could gain a right for a protective patent in Finland will be rewarded with 300€ / inventor. The rights for the invention will not move under Xamk and will remain with the inventor/ inventors.




And with ideas we mean the kinds of explosive thoughts, that cannot be protected by a patent but can be otherwise utilized. These can be new business ideas, business concepts and social innovations. You can inform your idea with the same INVENTION NOTICE mentioned above. Each idea can receive a 100 € reward.

You can get the invention notice template and additional information from:

Contract and Intellectual property specialist, Minna Pasila



Road to *ship Program

Do you have a business idea but don't know where to begin? Or maybe you just need advice from experts? During this program, you will learn basics of pitch presenting and get a chance to practice your skills.

The official launch online is on March 12, 2024 at 16.00–17.00, but you can already hop on board by signing up and joining the journey.

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*ship startup festival 2024!

The event will be held again on the 16th and 17th of May!

THE startup event for all entrepreneurs and early-stage startups since 2015. It has reached international fame! Xamk students have always taken a big role in organizing *ship. It offers one of the best experiences and networks for one's future career.

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our ES community

Patteri ES

We are a student entrepreneurship society and a community that works in Xamk. Patteri’s goal is to improve the entrepreneurial culture within Xamk’s area of operation and to support students who wish to become entrepreneurs.

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work-related learning opportunities

Xamk students have the opportunity to learn in real work-related environments through various projects of different scope and duration. Participating in research and development projects provide possibilities for gaining employment experience and completing studies at the same time. Projects also increase networking opportunities – you may make contact with your future employer.

Learn more from LUX


Minna Lehesvuori

Development Manager,

Xamk Xentre – Unit of Entrepreneurship


Tel. +358447028512

Maarit Vahvanen


Xamk Xentre – Unit of Entrepreneurship


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