The Xlab facilities are intended for the use of RDI specialists, partner companies and student entrepreneurs of Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk. Student communities, students' (and staff's) own companies are welcome to work in the premises. It is also possible to use the space to work on joint projects between companies and students.

The space includes a spacious main room, a kitchen and a couple of smaller and quiet Co-Working spaces. Morning coffee meetings and workshops can be held in the open space. There is a kitchen in the premises, where you can store and heat your lunch and make coffee. XLab has separate study rooms that allow you to work in peace. The premises can be reserved separately.



Room reservations are made through Xamk’s Peppi system. You can find the XLab space in Peppi by searching for conference rooms on the Kotka campus.

NOTE! The door code must be requested in good time after making the reservation via email from Xlab’s contact person:


At this stage, you must have the access code you requested from the Xlab contact person when booking a space. Open the link, enter the code and knock on the door three times – the door opens.


If you are alone in the premises or the last to leave, check that all windows and the back door are closed when you leave. When leaving, turn on the alarm ( you will get instructions when booking) Note, take all your bags with you and put on your outer clothes, be ready at the door! When you turn on the alarm, you only have 30 seconds to get out. If there are problems, quickly turn off the alarm (again the green house button and 3108).


Remember to read through the following section “Note the premises´ alarm system”

When entering, there is a small white control panel for the alarm system in the wind cabinet on the left wall. Press the “green house” button and 3108. The device beeps for a while, after which the alarm goes off. After this, you can move freely in the space.

You can also, if you wish, put the button above the mechanical tongue of the outer door in the lower position, so that the door is not locked, if a larger number of participants are entering the space. Otherwise, the door of the premises should be kept locked for safety reasons.

If there is, for example, a lunch break in the middle of the event and the space remains empty, there is no need to turn on the alarm. Locking the door is enough for a short absence.

KITCHEN: Remember to leave the kitchen clean for the next XLAB visitors.

MAIN ROOM: Clean the trash and any post-coffee equipment out of the main room. Return the equipment and cables you used to their proper places. Make sure the room stays clean for the next person.

CO-WORKING SPACES: Clean the trash and any post-coffee equipment out of the main room. Return the equipment and cables you used to their proper places. Make sure the room stays clean for the next person.

Turn off the lights and make sure the door locks when you leave!

XLab has a Xamk staff wireless network. The facility also has an XLab Guest network for visitors, the password of which can be found on the boards in the facility. The facility has a data cannon and a screen, as well as a small printer.

Xlab facility is managed by Xentre

At Xamk – Southeastern Finland University of Applied Sciences the development team for entrepreneurship and business is Xentre. We assemble all Xamk’s business services but also produce them for the needs of companies. Through Xentre you can find e.g. free education, events and coachings aimed for companies and those interested in entrepreneurship – as well as open learning environments that support networking and experimenting. Our University of Applied Sciences also offers student collaboration that gets ideas flying!

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