Memory Campus is a unique and significant archive, library and museum sector center of expertise and services in City of Mikkeli, Finland.

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The Memory Campus is based on the nationally unique expertise in archiving, digitisation, accessibility and data management that has been built up in Mikkeli over many years. The development of the Memory Campus ecosystem has been initiated by the City of Mikkeli and coordinated by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk. Memory Campus is one of four strategic development platforms of the City of Mikkeli, in addition to EcoSairila, Kalevankangas Wellness Campus and Tourism.



The Memory Campus area is located in the Kalevankangas area, where a national centre of excellence and services for archives and libraries will be built in phases. The City of Mikkeli has zoned the area and reserved building rights for the sector’s activities. The first building in the area is the new Central Archive of the National Archives of Finland, completed at the end of 2017. In addition to the archival facilities, the Central Archive of the National Archives of Finland consist the new mass digitization activities of the National Archives, which were launched at the beginning of 2021. The Central Archives for Finnish Business’ Records Elka is also located in Kalevankangas area. Xamk’s next investment plan is to build the Memory Lab research center in the area.



Memory Lab brings together actors and companies specialised in digital information management and aims to develop RDI activities. As a new RDI environment and knowledge hub, Memory Lab will serve the memory organisations already operating in Mikkeli, but it will also create an innovative environment for exploiting the potential of artificial intelligence, data processing and commercial services for new industries.


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Kati Saltiola
Program Coordinator
Phone: +358 50 560 3174


Memory Campus

1 January 2022 – 31 December 2024

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk

Other partners: City of Mikkeli, National Archives of Finland, National Library of Finland, Central Archives for Finnish Business' Records Elka, Muisti Centre of War and Peace, Disec, Fujitsu Finland, Grano, Mindhive, Metatavu, Marskidata, MPY, Mikkeli Development Miksei, Mikkeli University Consortium MUC, Esedu