Development of generational intelligent mentoring model for services of NEET young in cooperation with national and international network


The general objective is to intensify the transition of the European NEET young to education and to working life. The aim is to support, with the help of the generation intelligent mentoring model, the NEET young who cannot utilize the services fully nowadays. The mentoring model functions as a tool to find motivating work place and suitable education. Dialogic mentoring relationship benefits both the actors and mentors. Collaboration between the national and international partners is a key to develop new models.

International partners: BD Center (Poland) ja NGO Peonies (Bulgaria)

National partners: Parik-foundation, Kakspy and the regional Martha Organization

The objective of the whole project is to develop a new model and tools to the young people`s workshops and to other services of them: generational intelligent mentoring which facilitates the schooling of the young people, employment and general life management. More detailed objectives of the project and activities will be designed together with the members of the consortium. The objectives of every sub-project are in the line with main objects but every one also has its own special focus areas. For example Xamk supports and enriches mentoring with creative methods.

WP 1. Report: used mentoring practices of the young people in Finland

WP 2. Report: situation of the NEET young in Finland and partner countries.

WP 3. Generation intelligent mentoring workshops of different types are started in cooperation with the network

WP 4. Online mentoring model will be constructed and tested in collaboration with the network

WP 5. Compilation of the digital guide of the generation intelligent mentoring

WP 6. Report: the structure of the young peoples` services in Finland and partner countries: good practices

WP 7. Project evaluation to secure the quality of the project.



WP 1. With the help of the report that has been drawn up a general view of the mentoring practices is nationally obtained with the partner countries. The report is a publication: both digital and paper version.

WP 2. A review of the situation of the NEET young in Finland and partner countries has been carried out. Also available On-line.

WP 3. On the basis of the experiences of different generational intelligent mentoring workshops the new models are documented.

WP 4. A model has been drawn up to Online-mentoring.

WP 5. A digital guide has been drawn up to a generation intelligent mentoring. (This WP combines WP 3 and 4).

WP 6. A report on the structure of the young people`s services and activities has been drawn up in Finland and partner countries. Good practices are brought up and a solution for the implementation of the generation intelligent mentoring for the existing service structures is ready.

WP 7. The systematic project evaluation has been made and reported.



1.10.2018 – 30.9.2021


Structural funds, Programmes for Sustainable Growth and Jobs. Leverage from the 2014-2020, EU. European Social Fund (ESF)

More information

Jaana Poikolainen, Project manager

+358 44 702 8832

Ilari Salomaa, Project assistant

+358 44 702 8733


Mentoring NEETs. Generational Intelligent Mentoring of NEET Young

1 October 2018 – 30 September 2021

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Partners: Partners: BD Center (Poland), NGO Peonies (Bulgaria)

Other partners: Local partners: Kakspy, regional Martha Organization, Parik-foundation

Focus areas: Sustainable wellbeing
Xamk Research Units: Juvenia Juvenia