The project aims to respond to the identified needs and development targets of educational institutions and companies.

  • Those who sell or consider selling a business face challenges in finding new owners to continue their business.
  • Workshop spaces are unused in summer and out of lecturing hours in educational institutions.
  • Kymenlaakso does not yet have a model of peer education / peer teaching.


Project activities are divided into three work packages.

1.       Popup School

Popup School is based on peer education / peer teaching. The Popup School is a one day-long event for young people to teach each other and businesses. Young people will be able to present and provide their own expertise, for example through a lecture or workshop. The event is comparable to työnhakutreffit (job search “dating”), where several job-seekers and employers are acquainted during the day. The setting is new, as young people become the professionals and companies compete for their expertise.

2.          Creative Labs

Enable and facilitate creative laboratories to prototype young people’s products and services.The creative laboratories will be located at Xamk Kouvola Paja workshop -space and Hub Kouvola in Viiraamo in June 2019.

3.       Week as an entrepreneur – program

Coach students and organize “Week as an entrepreneur” -program, where participants will learn about entrepreneurship in companies that are considering selling their business.


  • The concept of Paja space use will evolve, enabling young people and other target groups to experiment in modern workshop and innovation spaces. The experimentation gives models for developing Paja space’s round-the-clock operations.
  • Working life links between companies and educational institutions strengthens.
  • Create a process and model from student to new business successor.

More information

Project Manager
Nicole Kahila
+358 (0)44 702 8564


Maker’s Lab Electric Skateboard

In Maker's Lab we can help you to prototype anything you like and you can also build an e-Skateboard!

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Develop your idea in Maker's Lab during Summer!

What are you making with your Summer? Have an idea you would like to turn into reality? Maker's Lab offers help and resources to work on your idea in Paja during June. There is also guidance available on how to present and commercialize your idea. In addition to working on your idea, we offer product development and entrepreneurship workshops.

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Optimizing your WordPress Site

Taking page-load times from Slow to Go!

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Google Analytics and WordPress

Google Analytics enables you to collect information about who is visiting your site. You can use Google Analytics with any website. This guide describes how to add it to a WordPress site using the Google Analytics Plugin.

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Leveraging Analytics and Increasing Sales Online -workshop 1.4.2019

Thank you for participating! We have uploaded the workshop presentation to the blog.

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Setting up a web server

This guide describes how to register a domain and set up a web-hosting server for under 35 euros. The terminology used is technical in places, but overall it’s a pretty simple thing that we hope this guide will empower you to use.

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Establishing and Increasing Visibility Online -workhop 26.3.2019

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Laser Cutting: The Process

We prototyped the following design to put the process together and iron out the kinks in preparation for the workshop.

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Ideas for Laser cutting

All of these are examples of work done at Paja Studios at Xamk – Kouvola.

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Sharpen your Marketing with Laser Cutting -workshop 18.3.2019

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1 January 2019 – 31 January 2020

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk

Focus areas: Digital economy


Total budget: € 50000

XAMK part of the total budget: € 50000

Financiers and main source of funding: Otsakorven Säätiö