EMPYRE-project explores, evaluates and develops successful youth work practices used to empower young people in Europe

EMPYRE-project explores, collects and develops successful youth work practices used to empower young people in Europe. The target group of good practices is young people in highest risk of social exclusion and outside education, employment and training (NEETs).

Evaluation and development of good practices is done by cross-national and multidisciplinary co-operation between science Universities, Universities of Applied sciences, HEI students and youth workers from different organisations.

Project explores several questions behind the successful practices: What are the contents of social empowerment? What kinds of skills and knowledge are there behind successful practices? What kind of common parameters can be found from behind ”successful” practices? How the evaluation of successful practices could be developed?

Practitioners/Youth workers behind good practices are invited to work together with project partners and students of youth work to co-create and transform the practices for innovative web-learning modules, using interviews, short movies, posters, articles, animation etc.



1) web-course about the successful youth work practices especially for youth work students

2) an e-teaching manual about the good empowering youth work practices to be used as part of the web-course

3) a continuing education e-training programme for professional youth workers based on the web-course and manual

4) Open access manual and web-course for wider interested stakeholders in youth issues in Europe


Jussi Ronkainen


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Marja Moisala


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Empowering Youth - Successful youth work practices in Europe (EMPYRE)

01.09.2019 - 30.11.2021


Hallinnoija: Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulu

Osatoteuttajat: University of Lodz; Centrum Zajec Pozaszkolnych Nr 1 w Lodzi; University of Bangor; Gisda cyf; Applied University of Upper Austria Linz; Kunnallisen nuorisotyön osaamiskeskus Kanuuna

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Kokonaisbudjetti: 263 393 €

Rahoittaja ja päärahoituslähde: Erasmus+ Youth in Action, Strategic Partnerships, Opetushallitus