Building a model of cross-border collaboration between universities and businesses, supporting student entrepreneurship, startups and SME cooperation.


TWIN CAMPUS project focuses on expanding the competitiveness of cooperating regions, by creating suitable conditions for the development of technology and knowledge-based companies, in cooperation with local universities and businesses. Project activities will form ways to encourage their modernization and internationalization as well as the commercialization of university-based technologies.

The results are turned into university-based pilot services for the companies and to create a strategy for the talent attraction to connect companies’ needs and individuals in the cooperating regions.
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Work Packages of the project:
WP1. Administration and Dissemination
WP2. Benchmarking and Strategy
WP3. Business to University collaboration
WP4. Technological intervention to SMEs
WP5. Networking and Talents attraction



XAMK’s role in the project

Xamk is the responsible partner for WP2 and the main activities are:

  • benchmarking of the relevant international experiences on Green Campus and Sustainable Solutions and networks
  • development the strategic papers and road-maps for university-industry cooperation
  • organizing the networking events involving key stakeholders, including local authorities and industrial partners, and SME

Xamk participates actively also in the other Work Packages:

In WP3, Xamk opens up its new Kotka campus planning and development to cross-border university-business cooperation in order to allow fruitful innovation services experiments which form the basis of future Twin Campus services for business partners.

In WP4, Xamk harnesses its strategic spearheads, relevant knowledge bases, and key RDI projects for piloting new services for SME development, in particular, modernization and internationalization of SMEs.

In WP5, Xamk’s extensive domestic and international networks are used as forums and channels of talent attraction.


Jade Hirvonen
Project Manager
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
+358 401676918


Minna Nieminen
RDI Specialist
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
+358 447028311

News and posts

Good Practices in Universities: Business Cooperation, Entrepreneurial Support Services and Sustainable Development

Which models of business cooperation, entrepreneurial support services and sustainable development operate in universities? To answer this question and investigate further, we benchmarched four Finnish universities: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, University of Helsinki, LUT University and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk). This article series explores the good practices and operations models we discovered during the benchmarking process.

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Selvitys yritysyhteistyön, yrittäjyyden tukipalveluiden ja kestävän kehityksen hyvistä käytänteistä korkeakouluissa

Mitkä yritysyhteistyön, yrittäjyyden tukipalveluiden ja kestävän kehityksen toimintamallit toimivat korkeakouluissa? Näitä asioita pyrimme selvittämään, kun benchmarkkasimme syksyllä 2020 kolme suomalaista korkeakoulua – Haaga-Helia-ammattikorkea koulun, Helsingin yliopiston ja LUT-yliopiston – sekä tarkastelimme tarkemmin Kaakkois-Suomen ammattikorkeakoulun, Xamkin, toimia. Tässä artikkelikokonaisuudessa avaamme benchmarkkauksissa nousseita hyviä käytänteitä ja toimintamalleja.

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Yhteistyö korkeakoulujen ja yritysten välillä

The cooperation between higher education institutes and business'

The third article from the article series of Twin Campus benchmarking results. This article is about university-business cooperation.

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Yrittäjyyden tukeminen korkeakouluissa

Supporting entrepreneurship in higher education institutes

The second article from the article series of Twin Campus benchmarking results. This article is about entrepreneurship support services in benchmarked higher education institutes.

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Green Future Hack 2.-4.2.2021

Twin Campus has its own challenge in the hackathon:
How can Xamk and St. Petersburg Technical University Itmo's international cooperation be made more sustainable and environmentally friendly?

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Kestävä kehitys mukana korkeakoulujen strategiassa

Sustainable development is part of the strategy in institutes of higher education

The article highlights the best practices from the benchmarking in the area of sustainable development. This article is the first one in the article series of Twin Campus benchmarking results.

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In times like these... We have in the digital area a hashtag for a virus #COVID-19

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Are we entering the world of -zation?

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Osatoteuttajat: JSC Saint-Petersburg Technopark; St. Petersburg Foundation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development; South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences, Xamk; Cursor Oy, Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company

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