The aim of this project is to build an innovative digital learning environment, a mobile game. Through the game, the player will see how daily consumption choices – services, products, activities – and the logistical solutions they contain affect the environment and our carbon footprint. The game visualizes and tends to show you how different
consumption choices, ways of working and alternatives affect the planet. Which choice increases the carbon footprint, or what logistical solution has the smallest carbon footprint, and what choices can reduce the carbon footprint that already exists.

The projects work packages consist of content-based design, game mechanics and game graphics. The project
includes sections of scientific research aimed at highlighting the potential and impact of game learning through
research. The research is conducted through case-control study.

The result of this project is an innovative intelligent learning environment that can be used by different target groups, both pupils and businesses. The indirect results of the project can be seen as achieving the goals of sustainable development by recognizing the impact of peoples choices in global environments.


Terhi Halonen
Project Manager
+358 44 702 8429

Markus Myllylä
Project Worker
+358 44 702 8560


Zero Co2

01.09.2019 - 31.08.2021


Hallinnoija: South-Eastern Finland Unversity of Applied Sciences, Xamk


Kokonaisbudjetti: 299 208 €

Rahoittaja ja päärahoituslähde: Regional Council of Kymenlaakso, European Regional Development Funding (ERDF)

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