Syksyn valmistumisjuhlia vietettiin verkkovälitteisesti maanantaina 19.12.2022 Mikkelin kampukselta striimaten. Juhlassa kuultiin tuttuun tapaan myös terveisiä työelämästä, kun saimme terveiset Lindström Groupilta.

Juhlapuhe, 19.12.2022 Sami Sinkko, Director, Service Consepts, Lindström Group

Dear class 2022, Hyvä Xamkin henkilökunta, Friends and family of class 2022!

It is a pleasure to share this moment with you. As Graduating is for many one of the peak points as drawing one’s own lifeline – like first kiss or marriage

I feel being truly privileged having a chance to say – CONGRATULATIONS – This goal has been now achieved by you and the next step can be taken.

Taking steps – it is a journey, and journeys can be different. My friend and colleague Manas, who is from Delhi, describes this via metaphor; “ You Finns drive car per rules and regulations, and we Indians by opportunity” Being driven by opportunity but having clarity on direction, purpose, northern star  – that is to my experience one of the most important skills in working life, and life in general. I’d recommend you all taking time in defining your own Northern Star

One pretty solid hypothesis for the Northern Star could be “being close”

One should be close to understand  – to understand family, neighbor, colleague, patient…

But not to only understand but to Feel with them – being empathic. Being the one to be trusted even when “it hits the fan”

Being close to be accessible – to provide with human touch. Being close to drive towards higher NPS score, profit, or efficiency – but especially driving towards better life quality. Quality of life in accordance with my values equalling to sustainability

One should be close to be sustainable – not just via pretty obvious aspects such like shorter supply chains, or less energy consuming logistics. But being close to act as a sustainable member in society, no matter if being individual or corporate

To be close, one needs to stay close. I do recommend you all staying close to, and cherishing, relationships created among peers, faculty and society during the studies

I do wish you all successful life, in accordance with parameters of success defined by you, wishing being close is one of them