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in Mikkeli, Finland



War, climate change and economic instability pose unpredictable security threats in today’s world. Are societies safe, and safe for whom? In the second World Convention of the network (In)Justice International taking place in Mikkeli, Finland, we tackle the question from the perspective of minorities and others with marginal positions in societies and mainstream cultures.


We ask in the convention, how does increased insecurity affect people in marginal positions due to their indigenous backgrounds, ethnicity, age, gender and sexuality, disability and illness, socio-economic position and class? We also want the convention to inquire or examine if these insecure individuals are left to struggle by themselves and why. Are they excluded from existing security networks, or are there any networks at all? How do these global, dangerous developments affect their sense of safety, trust in society and abilities to use welfare services? And how are their needs met?


We call for abstracts for presentations in the conference by scholars, NGOs, barristers and practitioners in the fields of sociology and social policy, anthropology, geography, critical economics, political sciences and criminology, gender studies, youth studies and disability studies.  Abstracts or proposed talks from people who have ‘lived’ experience of this desperation or have reported upon it would also be welcome.


Type of ticket


General (full 6 streams online or on-site) 80,00 €
Postgraduate student (full 6 streams online or on-site) 50,00 €
General single stream (online or on-site) 20,00 €
Postgraduate student single stream (online or on-site) 10,00 €

【Special offers】
1.If your economic status is low-paid working class or your nationality is in ISA’s
CATEGORY C, it is free to join online. Please check the countries of CATEGORY C by following the link:

2.It is free for undergraduate students to join online as an educational exercise.

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Mr. Antti Rantaniva