Workshop: South Savo – Region of Learning


City or Region of Learning is a new approach of connecting learning opportunities across territories and making them more visible and accessible to young people. Cities and Regions of Learning use web infrastructure to map learning opportunities, offer local and digital experiences, use digital Open Badges to value and recognise learning and achievements. It also offers many possibilities for supporting youth employment.  


What we will learn

In this workshop we will familiarize ourselves with the concept of City or Region of Learning. We will explore the following questions:

  • What is a City or Region of Learning?
  • What are the benefits of a City or Region of Learning?
  • What are the learning playlists and digital Open Badges?
  • How can we utilize City or Region of Learning in supporting youth employment in South Savo?


Who for?

The workshop is designed for professionals working with young people and everyone who is curious to learn more about City or Region of Learning concept and regional development in general.

The working language of workshop is English but there is language support available.


Workshop facilitators

The workshop is facilitated by Laimonas Ragauskas and Nerijus Kriaučiūnas from Lithuania.

Laimonas Ragauskas lives in Vilnius and is a freelance trainer in the area of non-formal learning and training for various youth work organisations as well as European institutions for the last 15 years.

Since 2013 Laimonas is involved in the design of recognition systems based on open digital badges as well as number on massive open online courses in the field of youth work and policy. At the moment Laimonas is involved in several European innovation initiatives aiming to promote connected learning and recognition.


Nerijus Kriauciunas works as a non-formal educator at the European level for the last 15 years. Mainly focuses on international youth work, use of technology in education, learning design. During the last 5 years he supports organisations helping them to design badge-based recognition systems. More recently he is involved in working with Cities and Regions of Learning. Nerijus co-funded Badgecraft and is involved in several European strategic partnerships that aim at developing and using digital solutions to improve quality of youth work services.



Enroll to workshop by end of April 2019:

The workshop is free of charge.


Workshop venue

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Patteristonkatu 3, Mikkeli, venue D128 (Please note the venue has been changed to D128).



Workshop is organised by Digital Applications in Youth Employment Services project (ESF) coordinated by Youth Research and Development Centre Juvenia. South Savo – Region of Learning is the super week of learning. It gathers together many events and activities from experimental youth entrepreneurship activities to inspirational workshops. Join us to celebrate learning and develop South Savo – Region of Learning!


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Digital Applications in Youth Employment Services (ESF)
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