TELL -project is targeted on the challenge of strengthen young immigrants social inclusion of Central Baltic region.

TELL-project is targeted on the challenge of strengthen social inclusion of Central Baltic region. It tackles the challenges related to participation in and access to labourmarket and the challenges related to minorities and immigrants. The project promotes young immigrants’ integration and aims at preventing youth exclusion. The project is targeted on young immigrants in Central Baltic region (aged 16-29) in Kotka and Uppsala.
The project organizes workshops using cultural and artistic story-making process in Finland and in Sweden.

The workshops will utilize cultural and artistic methods and Human rights and democracy –game. The workhops will be conducted by Xamk in cooperation with external expert and Folkuniversitetet.

The main outputs are the stories of success factors in integration processes of young immigrants. The stories will be collected with culture and art based methods in Sweden and Finland. The methods will be evaluated and shared.

Stories building belonging and integration are disseminated cultural products and presentations: theatre performance, rap lyrics, comics or videos. The success factors of integration processes will be analysed, published and disseminated in the communities.
The story-making processes improve young immigrants’ self-expression and skills of re-engaging the society as well as mutual understanding and building transcultural trust.

The social capital resulted from the project also improves young immigrants participation in the employment and abilities to education.

Strengthening the bonding ties to society improve young immigrants’ possibilities and social capital as well as the communities’ resilience.

Articles include:

  • Symbiosis seminar videos
  • Ekami interviews with immigrants: 
    downloadable version:
  • Final report & Collection of success stories (please contact to obtain a copy)



Sirkka Komulainen, PhD

Research Manager (social care)

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

PO Box 9 FI-49401 Kotka

Tel. +358 44 702 8741



Sari Tuuva-Hongisto, PhD

RDI advisor, project researcher

Juvenia – youth research and development centre

South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Mikkeli

Tel. +358 40 162 6713




Tell me about it - stories building beloning and democratic integration

01.04.2019 – 31.03.2021


Hallinnoija: Xamk, Juvenia

Osatoteuttajat: Folkuniversitetet, Uppsala, Sweden

Tutkimuskeskus: Juvenia


Kokonaisbudjetti: 203 566 €

Xamkin osuus kokonaisbudjetista: 152 674 €

Rahoittaja ja päärahoituslähde: Interreg Central Baltic, European Regional Development Fund