European Cooperation Day has been celebrated since 2012 by EU member countries and their partner countries. The day celebrates the achievements and possibilities of cross-border and interregional cooperation.

South-Eastern Finland – Russia CBC Program invited CBC-family members and friends to join EC Day coffee-hour. The meeting was carried out online due to the covid-19 restrictions. The covid-19 pandemic impact on project implementation and funded activities was one of the main topics of the day, but special focus was on the positive experiences brought by the digitalization in CBC activities. These experiences and best practices were shared on the day. Participants also shared project achievements and contribution to the regional development. These moments were shared via Programme social media account to remind people about the good things during these challenging times.

See more about covid-19 pandemic impacts, challenges and opportunities on CBC Program projects. Results are based on the project updates in PROMAS, the follow-up and the EC Day registration questionnaires.

CBC during pandemic from Challenges to Opportunities [pdf]