The kick-off day took place on Wednesday, September 15th 2021 starting at 09.30 through to 11:30 Finnish time. The meeting was arranged in TEAMS due to Covid restrictions.

After having welcomed all participants to join the TEAMS workshops, RDI Specialist and workshop manager Tero Villman first presented the background and main objectives of the workshop, as well as the preliminary assignment for the students to prepare for the first actual workshop day later in September.

Tero organized the attending students into five teams, which were selected by the project team in advance. First activity for the students was to present oneself and their motivation for participating in this workshop to their own team members. Each team’s main task was then to discuss and together select and define their teams’ own specific topic, which they will then develop and elaborate during the workshop days under Tero’s and facilitator students’ supervision.

Before Tero closed the session at 11:30, students asked questions about matters concerning team set-up, working methods and possible workshop topics.

The Futures Workshop schedule: Race4Scale Future Workshop – XAMK