Petra Kähönen, aged 20, applied to Mamk after graduating from high school. Being a native Finn and having lived all her life in Mikkeli, applying to Mamk seemed the most logical and
natural choice.

One of the main reasons for Petra to apply to an English degree programme was the fact that she finds language skills more and more important in business life. As English isn’t an
official language in Finland, both native and foreign (non-English speaking) students start out at basically the same level.
– Besides the degree programme being in English, we have to take at least 15 credits’ worth of additional language studies. You can study, for example, Swedish, English, French,
German or Russian.

The courses

Business management courses are generally made up of different parts that can include an intensive week followed by a longerand presentations.
– A typical class lasts for about 45 minutes. It can be a lecture or we might do group work and then present our ideas at the end of class.

Figuring it all out

After graduating, Petra would like to combine her passion for sports and, possibly, make a career for herself in sport sponsorship.
– I am specialising in marketing and I would like it (my job) to be somehow related to sports and sponsorship or events. I’m currently competing on a national level in figure skating, so I’m familiar with the topic. I think it would be easy to continue on the same path.

Competing on a national level can have it´s toll on the studies but luckily Mamk is a school that is very flexible when it comes to studying.
– I’m very lucky because the school supports me a lot. I practise almost every day. I have about nine hours of ice training and nine hours of additional training each week.

Has the training affected your studies?
– I have had to make some special arrangements, especially during the intensive week because my practice starts at four o’clock every day and school might last until six o’clock. I
have made a deal with the school and the different teachers to leave earlier. As a result, I may get some additional work or the teachers show me what I need to study independently.

Just to wrap it up

What do you think are the strong points Finland has to offer to foreign applicants?
– Maybe Finnish know-how because it is highly respected worldwide. Finns are also generally very straightforward and our school system treats all students equally. The teachers
don’t let their own feelings or opinions affect the teaching.


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