Participants of the winter school ”Innovation and Quality Management in the Automotive Industry 4.0” will get essentials and tools for steering innovative production and organizing quality management.

From January 24 to February 1, LETI will hold the winter school ”Innovation and Quality Management in the Automotive Industry 4.0,” developed by the Institute of Innovative Design and Technological Entrepreneurship (INPROTECH) of LETI and the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK). More than 40 participants from Russia, Finland, India, Vietnam, Africa, and other countries will study innovative management and quality assurance.

The course is designed for students and professionals who want to develop a career in innovative engineering and production. It has two tracks focused on innovations, leadership, and quality management. The first one includes the theory and practice of innovation management and innovative product marketing. In the second track, participants will get basic skills in lean production and quality management and effective leadership in quality assurance of the automotive industry.

”The goal of the Russian-Finnish project is to develop cross-border education, and one of its main tasks is to develop international educational programs. The winter school at LETI is an excellent example of such cooperation, which opens up new opportunities for Russian and Finnish students.

Many students from Russia are already taking a full course at XAMK. I would like to thank students participating in the Winter School at LETI. You are participating in the creation of a new kind of cooperation.” — Jarmo Kujanpää, Race4Scale Project Manager


The winter school ”Innovation and Quality Management in the Automotive Industry 4.0” will take place both offline and online. The program includes lectures, case discussions, solving management problems, talks with experts, self-training, and testing. The final evaluation will take into account the results of the tests, case solutions, and active participation in the classes.

Winter school participants will learn modern concepts and practices for managing technological innovation in an R&D-intensive company. This knowledge will launch a value-based management career in high-tech automotive companies. Students who complete the course will be eligible to take the European Organization for Quality (EoQ) Qualification Recognition exam without additional training.