In the summer of 2019, Natalia Parkhomenko travelled from St. Petersburgh to Finland to visit her son. Natalia´s son studies Business Management with Xamk in Mikkeli, and Natalia decided to check out her son´s University campus. As she was walking around the campus site, she realized that Xamk offers summer school courses. She decided to take the opportunity to enrol to class as an Open University student.

Xamk summer school is organized for Xamk partner University students, but individual courses are also open through Open University for anyone interested in on-campus summer studies.

Natalia started with one course but ended up with a lot more.

– In the end I stayed over the whole summer and took four classes altogether. I studied international entrepreneurship, digital business management, services marketing and content marketing, Natalia tells us.

improveD Digital and English SKILLS accomplished

Natalia already has a degree in Management and economy, but she is now doing research and planning for a PhD in clinical psychology. Her research is about mothers’ attitudes influencing children as they grow up. Her motivation on taking Xamk summer school classes sprung up from her hopes to learn better English skills.

– In Russia, I have not been able to spend time in an English-speaking environment, and I was unsure of my language skills. As I started the Xamk summer school courses, I could not speak fluent English. Today, however, I was able to give a 40 minutes long presentation in English, Natalia rejoices.

Summer school courses also provided Natalia up-to-date digital skills.

– Before, I didn´t really know anything about digital business or digital marketing. I´ve learnt to set up a website, manage it and create content. Important skills for anyone to have these days, Natalia considers.

beautiful mikkeli charmed natalia

The summer school courses were set up as daytime studies on campus in Mikkeli. The courses included group work, projects, presentations and independent homework. The groups consisted of international students of all ages.

– I had to work a lot for the courses, but I was also able to enjoy studying and enjoy the summertime here in Mikkeli.

Natalia says she is absolutely in love with Mikkeli.

– There´s nature everywhere! As I open the window, I can see forest. I love walks around the beautiful lakes. And people are very friendly and helpful here! I feel safe in Finland, Natalia tells us.


Natalia recommendS Xamk summer school for russian students

After summer studies she has returned back to Russia to work on her research and put her new digital skills in practice. Natalia recommends Xamk summer school to anyone wishing to acquire up-to-date knowledge, make new friends or to improve English skills.

– Especially for people in Russian universities, you should come and experience the European way of studying and take the opportunity to study in English. This can give you something practical to implement in your work and to help your career! It can be a kind of an interesting holiday, Natalia points out.

In the end, Natalia leaves Xamk grateful of all experiences:

– Thank you Xamk University of Applied Sciences for organizing the summer school! I am grateful to all the teachers for the lectures and the knowledge I have acquired.


Xamk summer school 2020 enrolment for partner University students is open now. If you wish to participate as Open University student, you can check out the on-campus course selection and sign up in online Training Calendar.